How to care for my injured dog after a dog fight?

I can’t afford to take my dog to the vet. I love him and I want to do the best I can to help him heal with the least pain as possible and to control the swelling and infections. What is the best over the counter medication (if any) I can give my dog to help with his injuries. And, any advice that would help for me to care for him.
He has a small chunk taken out of his hip, down by his growing area has bite marks looks like scratches and swelling up.

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  1. sunstar says:

    Do without something yourself…alcohol? Cigarettes? Fast food? Cook cheap meals for yourself. Borrow from family or friends. Use a credit card. Apply for Care Credit. Find a vet who will set up a payment plan.
    Your dog needs to see a vet. There is no cheap over the counter quick fix. He needs antibiotics and probably needs his wound sutured. He’ll be in pain and definitely needs pain relief from a vet.

    When we take on ownership of an animal we are legally and morally bound to provide vet treatment when needed. There are no excuses and no exceptions. Saying you love him won’t heal him.

    Failure to get your dog treated by a vet can result in losing him to a very painful systemic infection.
    It can also result in you being prosecuted for animal cruelty. That will cost a heap more than a vet visit.
    If you can’t raise the money to have your dog treated then surrender him to a shelter where he’ll get the vet care he needs.

  2. Maxi says:

    "I love him and I want to do the best I can to help him heal with the least pain as possible and to control the swelling and infections."

    If this is true………….then find the money and take him to the vets and get proper treatment…….you are wasting your money on OTC treatments with something as serious as this and could lose your dog if it does get badly infected.

  3. Julie - *AWAY* says:

    If you loved him, you would have an emergency fund for situations like this.

    If that wound isn’t cleaned properly, it could well become infected, and then you’re in even deeper water. It may need stitches for all you know.

    What about painkillers? You can’t buy those over the counter.

    Pull your finger out and find some money. Put it on a credit card, sort out a payment plan with the vet, borrow from somebody, whatever you have to do.

    What if he goes into shock? Do you know how to deal with that?

  4. xXxCMxXx says:

    Call you vet and set up a payment plan. The fact that the area is swelling may be a sign of infection. The "chunk" missing from his hip may need stitches. I know it is hard but most vets will work out a plan with you for emergency services like this.

  5. GOODD says:

    Was the other dog rabid? Was he up to date on his shots? The only thing that will control an infection is antibiotics, which require a vet for the prescription.

    Call your vet, explain the situation and ask for a payment plan or the Care Credit thing. Get your dog to a vet for stitches, antibiotics and other shots he might need. Not getting your dog medical care is neglect and is illegal.

  6. WyrDachsie says:

    I’m sorry, but you really need to take your dog to the vet. If you don’t and it ends up getting infected or some other problem, it will cost you even more money. So don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

    Over the counter medicine will night fight infection. Only antibiotics will fight infections.

  7. ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ilovehim. ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ says:

    you really should take him to the vet.
    but think, what do humans do when we cant afford to go to the doctor for every scratch?
    peroxide, peroxide, peroxide.
    cleans it VERY well, minimal pain , and prevents infection.
    also, antibotic or neosporin after its been cleaned with peroxide and (optional) salt water (<-more painful)
    these are safe and mild enough to be put in your dogs mouth and other areas, just dont let him swallow.

    he’ll be fine :]

  8. Katiee says:

    Put a cloth over his wond. I know you said you dont have the money to go to the vet but if you try a walk in they will take him and you can pay them back later.

  9. Hovis says:

    depends on the chunk taken out, alcohol like vodka will sterilize the injury however if your dog was attacked take the said person to court and get the vets fees off them!!!!

  10. Kelsey says:

    I know you don’t want to hear this but… you really need to take him to the vet. The missing chunk is not good. They have medical assistance program. Talk to them about the price they love animals and want to help. You can put hydrogen peroxide to help infection but it just cleans, it does not kill infections. And you need to clean it off because it is not good for them to eat. This is not good, but if you are unwilling to do the right thing I want to help the poor dog… please they will help you pay!!! Also if it was someone else’s dog that did it you can sue them and if it was their fault you will win money for the medical costs

  11. ♥ I love my Puppy!!♥ says:

    Go to an emergency vet if you do not have enough money. Most vets will have payment plans if you cannot pay them. Something as serious as a dog fight can make your dog very weak and by fixing it yourself you are risking possible infection and infections can kill a dog if they get serious. You cannot heal your dog with any household items. Our dogs have gotten into fights but since it was always only a few scratches when we got a good look at them we would take care of them ourselves but they have never gotten any small/large chunks taken out of them. Take your dog to a vet and see if they have any payment plans. The more you insist on saving money and trying to heal your dog yourself you could be risking your dogs health and in some cases his life.

  12. *skittles* says:

    Rinse him with water only.If you have any petroleum jelly or disinfecting spray for wounds use it and get a sterile gauze pad from your first aid kit.If you don’t have one go to the store and buy one really quick.Then get the fabric roll and wrap it around the the wound.try to keep him from picking at it.If you can’t go to the store get a fabric sheet and wrap it around the wound and put warm water in the middle so it is moist.Give your dog a really comfortable place to lay down and rest.try to keep him from straining himself.Every day take it off for a few minutes so it can heal faster.It will go away naturally.If you really want an "over the counter" medication,clean the wound and get a big bandage and place it on it.Change it every day.Shave the hair next to the wound to prevent infection.

  13. JazZ says:

    My dog got in a fight once, with some pretty nasty wounds, I didn’t have money for a vet either, and people have to understand that.. dogs are strong animals.. I just cleaned her wounds everyday, wiped all the blood away, and just kept an eye on her, she was fine after that, she gets in a lot of dog fights, but she always heals up okay, but there was one time, where it was a reeeeally bad fight, and she healed up fine without the vet.. I’m not saying people shouldn’t go to the vet.. I’m just saying that if you don’t have the money, it’s not out fault.. people have to learn to stop being so judgmental, sorry if other people don’t have the money.. But yeah, just keep an eye on her, I’m sure she will be okay as long as there not like full on open wounds gushing all over the place.. good luck.

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