I want a hamster But My Mom won't let me ! WHAT should I do ?

PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!!!! ok I’m 12 and I want a hamster But my mom won’t let me have one ! and my grandmother let my dad have any kind of pet he wanted like fishes,dogs,cats,birds ect. why can’t my mom have a kind heart like my grandmother ! I told her that I promised her that I would buy the supplies, the cage , the hamster, and EVEN clean the cage Every 1 – 2 weeks and care for it ! but No she kept saying !
how can I get to her so she can let me have one ?! PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!

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  1. Lovex333 says:

    dont keep annoying her. give her a day or two and ask why she wont let you have one.
    if its still a no, research. by doing your homework and showing her all info about hamsters, it shows youre dedicated to the pet. also, if she still says no, make powerpoints, care sheets, or even a pet contract explaining what will happen if you get a hamster. also, maybe you could adopt one from a shelter instead of buying one because there are plenty of animals who need homes. go to the website down there vvvvv. maybe she’ll like the idea of saving an animal’s life or giving it a second chance. but whatever you do, dont yell at her and ask her why she’s not like your grandma. maybe you could also help around the house and take out a book from the library about hamsters.

    hope you get one!

  2. highnlow says:

    you were TOLD NO, your answer is NO, and if you keep asking you can be GROUNDED! NO IS NO, period! NO!

  3. biby says:

    you can try showing you can be very very responsible she might let you

    or you can ask her please to buy you a hamster or ask your dad

  4. haley says:

    ask for a dog for a while, and never let it go. then when she’s sick of hearing bout the dog, she’ll be more likely to settle for the hamster

  5. Yeppy :D says:

    try convicing her with the stuff you said
    clean the house more often
    tell her youll pay for everything
    dont remind her every five minutes youll get annoyed if that happend to you
    dont say "i hate you" or "i wish grandma was my mom" or even "youre mean" cuz thatll just say
    you just want the hamster just like a kid wants a stuffed animal
    dont cry or whine
    try cleaning stuff like the table where your future hamster will be i had to carry a table from the tool shed to my house and clean it when my mom asked me what i was doing i told her im cleaning the table for my hamster before she even let me get one
    tell her all these good facts about hamster like they sleep during the day so it wont bother you at home
    i did all of this like clean and ask but after 2 months of asking and working my mom finally said yes

    dont worry my mom HATES rats she is terrified of them so if your mom isnt like that is should take a less amount of time

  6. Taylor says:

    Get a fish instead. Hamsters smell bad, anyway, and if you buy them from a pet store, they can lie and say she’s not pregnant or she’s a male and then you end up with a bunch of unwanted hamster babies.

  7. MAW says:

    Stop being annoying. Give it a rest for a while and just make your plans. Be responsible around the house for a few weeks, then give your mom a research paper you’ve written on the cost, care and keeping of hamsters, as well as a paper you’ve signed saying you’ll be fully responsible and make sure it doesn’t starve or smell.

    See how it goes if you let it go for a while.

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