Is Diamond brand dog food any good?

I saw diamond dog food in tractor supply store and bag said it was 100% grain free and with premium meat. this is for a Great Dane. It has 22% protein and 13% fat.

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  1. Kayla says:

    Diamond Naturals is a very good brand for the price. It isn’t the best on the market, but if you need a good "budget" dog food, it’s a good choice.

    Be sure to remember that while Diamond NATURALS is fine, the regular Diamond food (made by the same manufacturer) isn’t so great.

  2. CHAO┬ž: says:

    If your dog does well on it, it is a good food. 22% protein is well within the acceptable range for household dogs.

  3. ~PapSett~ says:

    I have recently switched over from Pro Plan to Diamond Naturals, and my dogs are doing really well on it. The ingredients are good- no corn or soy- and it’s priced right. Plus the dogs LOVE it! I recommend it.

  4. Dog Section Regular says:

    Sure, when there’s not a recall.

    The ingredients are what’s important. Is the first ingredient meat followed by a carb source? Grain free is great. Look for foods with no by-product or digest.

    I have heard that Tractor Supply Co. has excellent prices! I would try your dog on it and see how he does. High protein can sometimes be a problem for some dogs.

  5. albert says:

    Check these sites out you will be well informed:





  6. Horse Lover says:

    My dog has been on Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice for a little over a year now. It has no wheat, corn or soy in it. It is very affordable too. Her coat is shiny, she has lots of energy, bowels are regular and always firm(no diarrhea), her poo does not stink and she very rarely has gas. She loves it and is doing very well on it.

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