Is it too late to housebreak a 6 year old Yorkie who is being used as stud?

I won a beautiful gold and blue Yorkie 6 years ago in a pet shop raffle. He was amazing and very cute so when he turned 1, I started to breed him with my (now) 7 year old girl Chihuahua who has a great personality like Teddy. I have used him as a dad to all of Grace’s litters since SHE was 1 ½ years old. I housebroke Grace when she was 3 years old using wee-wee pads but Teddy won’t learn. He is so dumb and he just eats the pads until he vomits them up. What can I do? I will spey Grace when she has retired form breeding at 9 years old but I have been told by numerous people at pet shops that some people breed males until they are 12 years old so I might do that. Any ideas? I’ve tried crates and the newspaper methods but nothing works.

Please – Teddy will not be neutered so don’t tell me to neuter him.

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6 Responses to Is it too late to housebreak a 6 year old Yorkie who is being used as stud?

  1. sniffydogs says:

    Forget the dogs, NEUTER YOURSELF!
    Remove yourself from the gene pool.
    Get the dogs into rescue.

  2. Elena says:



    You haven’t LEARNED how to housebreak a dog in over 6 YEARS? Do you know how to *READ* or *RESEARCH*? Obviously NOT or you wouldn’t have entered a PET SHOP RAFFLE!


  3. Nicole says:

    I cant believe you won it in a raffle what kinda place do you live in?!

    It turned 1 & you started to breed with a completely different breed! just so you could make money!
    So your basically a puppy farm
    shame on you
    what have you put those poor dogs through
    Do you know how many problems you have bred into those puppies DO YA.

    you waited till one of them was 3 to house break it Your dog is not dumb your the dumb one for being so cruel to the dogs. Anyone with half a brain would train there dogs to go outside & house train from a puppy not wait till it no longer has a use then try & anyone with half a brain would remove the pads if the dog is eating them & making itself ill.

  4. Mike and Marilyn Nedeau says:

    6 years?i think it is a little too late. i have a 4 month old male shih tzu soon to be 5 months and he was paper trained by the breeder now he is in the process of being potty trained and i do have to say that you should of done research asked for advice gotten books ect..also you started breeding him when he turned one you REALLY pushed it 18 months soonest and that is pushin it 2 years would of been an ok age.

  5. Randy says:

    It is a matter of who has the strongest will.. Obviously the dog does. but of you were anykind of dog owner how in aol does 6 yrs pass n you cant house break/ train a single dog yet you breed them> lol you mean puppy popping for profit with no skills or ethics nor reguard for the breed. Hey even cockroaches dont need a coach to make babys duh you Win this entire months allotment of DEE DEE DEE AND THE HERES YOUR SIGN AWARDS TOGETHER FOR THIS ONE!

  6. Amanda B says:

    I would have to say no,, toy breeds are very difficult to housebreak sometimes,, and you dog has 6 years of extablished behavior that it is ok for him to go in your house,, using puppy pads, and trying to paper train him has made it even more confusing.. Also because he is a intact male,, he will want to mark everything.. so thats the breaks of owning a intact dog.. honestly there is no reason that a dog should be reliable in the house,, by at least a year,, and if you are having problems,, it is either the application of the wrong methods,, or lack of leadership guidance from the owner.. hate to say it,, but with two dogs with housbreaking issues,, it is not a problem with the dog,, but the owner.. Not to be rude about it but, this is what it does come down to..
    House breaking and paper training are TWO diffrent methods..

    as far as how old he is to retire him.. 12 is really up there.. and honestly most breeders retire their boys for health benifit long before then..
    Your little boy needs ANNUAL prostate exams now.. and the risk for prostate problems or cancer is very higher,, along with the odds of it affecting his ability to even sire a litter are going down from this point,, so if you are offering his services or using him he should have a semen analysis done regulary..
    Breeding a 9 year old female is asking for complications.. so you also may want to consider retiring her also.. she is at higher risk for uterine problems, very small litters, abortions difficult delivery.. and such.. Both should have comprehensive health workups at this age, bloodwork, and ideally should be checked for problems related to the breeds they are.. because they could be passing problems on to YOUR puppies..
    So of couse,, honesly most resonable and reputable breeders that care for the whelfare of their charges retire their boys after 6-9 years, and females after one or two litters,, or 6 or so.. unfortunaly you have not had the benifit of mentorship or advise from some really nice and reaonable experienced breeders.. only pet stores and such.. heck no respected or resposible breeder would aution off or raffle a dog,, to someone without any concern about the type of home their charge ended up in.. they really do not care if their dogs die, get cancer or loose whole litters.. but I suspect that YOU do care… so need to be aware of the risks..
    Time to consider retiring both,, or at the very least Grace.. she has done her job.. and desrves a rest

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