My dog ate chocolate – will he die?

My dog got into the chocolate supply in our house and ate some.
Will he die? Should I take him to the vet?
What should I do?!

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  1. ilgal3 says:

    No, chances are he won’t die. Yes take him to the vet unless he…expells it soon somehow. I once had a 50lb dog that ate a box of chocolate chip cookies. He puked it out soon after and seemed fine. Keep an eye on him. Maybe call your vet, ask their opinion. Good luck

  2. Monica B says:

    if you fed him too much he might.take him to the vet

  3. SweetiePateety says:

    It depends on how big he is and how much he ate. Google it. My dog got into some chocolate too but she only ate a few small pieces and she weighed about 50lbs. She was fine.

  4. Hayley K says:

    OMG does everyone have dog/chocolate problems?

    Get ur dog to drink lots of water. Depending on how much it ate u can chose whether 2 go to the vet or not.

  5. Wowie says:

    As long as it wasn’t very dark baker’s chocolate the dog will be fine.

    It will probably have loose, runny stool for a while (24 hours) but, typically, they are okay.

  6. Tim says:

    Probably not. He’s gonna be sick though.

  7. Tulip says:

    Chocolate toxicity
    Chocolate contains theobromine, a compound that is a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic.

    When affected by an overdose of chocolate, a dog can become excited and hyperactive. Due to the diuretic effect, it may pass large volumes of urine and it will be unusually thirsty. Vomiting and diarrhoea are also common. The effect of theobromine on the heart is the most dangerous effect. Theobromine will either increase the dog’s heart rate or may cause the heart to beat irregularly. Death is quite possible, especially with exercise.

    After their pet has eaten a large quantity of chocolate, many pet owners assume their pet is unaffected. However, the signs of sickness may not be seen for several hours, with death following within twenty-four hours.

    Cocoa powder and cooking chocolate are the most toxic forms. A 10-kilogram dog can be seriously affected if it eats a quarter of a 250gm packet of cocoa powder or half of a 250gm block of cooking chocolate. These forms of chocolate contain ten times more theobromine than milk chocolate. Thus, a chocolate mud cake could be a real health risk for a small dog. Even licking a substantial part of the chocolate icing from a cake can make a dog unwell.

    Semi-sweet chocolate and dark chocolate are the next most dangerous forms, with milk chocolate being the least dangerous. A dog needs to eat more than a 250gm block of milk chocolate to be affected. Obviously, the smaller the dog, the less it needs to eat.

    However there is a ingredient that called carob, and yes it a similar flavour to chocolate and perfectly safe for dogs!!! the are often called dog chocolates, however must check the ingredients as some use COCOA POWDER WHICH IS A NO NO. I have seen this in some brands happen.

  8. Lilly L says:

    How much did he eat? If he ate a bite then he’ll be fine. If he ate like, a hole chocolate bar then call a vet and ask.

  9. Tiffany C says:

    We have been feeding our dog chocolate since he was a puppy. It wont kill them. They need some sweets to. The most it will do is give him a tummy ache if he ate a lot. he also might also get a sugar high. I feed my dog fudge pops, chocolate cake, ding dongs, and many more. If he was going to die i think he would have already been dead.

  10. Alex O says:

    yes hes going to die the most painful death imaginable, and its all ur fault

  11. Bonzie12 says:

    Depends on the size of your dog and how much he ate.

    On average,
    Milk chocolate contains 44 mg of theobromine per oz.
    Semisweet chocolate contains 150mg/oz.
    Baker’s chocolate 390mg/oz.

    Using a dose of 100 mg/kg as the toxic dose it comes out roughly as:
    1 ounce per 1 pound of body weight for Milk chocolate
    1 ounce per 3 pounds of body weight for Semisweet chocolate
    1 ounce per 9 pounds of body weight for Baker’s chocolate.

    So, for example, 2 oz. of Baker’s chocolate can cause great risk to an 15 lb. dog. Yet, 2 oz. of Milk chocolate usually will only cause digestive problems.

  12. music girl says:

    Well most of the time, a dog will just lay around and throw up 3 or 4 times. But yes it depends on how much the dog ate and how big it is. i would watch him and if you feel you need to take him to the vet. Hope everything turns out well.

  13. smartblond48 says:

    Theobromine is a naturally occurring chemical in cocoa which is used in the manufacture of real chocolate. It is toxic to dogs. If an average sized dog were to eat a pound or more of this type chocolate it would get very sick and if not treated would suffer permanent internal damage and quite possibly die. Most veteranary clinics can treat Theobromine poisoning if the dog gets to them in time but if there has been physical damage done that is irreversible.
    This is the type of chocolate that you find in Dark Baker’s Chocolate and high end Confectioners Chocolates.
    Milk chocolate has very little or no Theobromine in it and is not toxic to dogs. The high sugar content, however, is not good for them.

  14. Lauren H says:

    What kind of chocolate is it? If the dog ate milk chocolate, you are probably all right. They can eat almost a pound of that and be OK. If it is dark or semi sweet chocolate, you have something to worry about. Try to get some charcoal pills down your dog and get him/her to a vet. The charcoal helps to keep the toxins from being re-circulated in the body from the intestine. This re-circulation is generally what will kill a dog and this can happen up to several days after they eat chocolate. Don’t be fooled, if they look OK, they may not be.

  15. ...howdy... says:

    if he only ate a small portion of chocolate he should be fine, but if he ate a large amount or even just a medium amount you should take him to the vet then.
    He should be fine keep him drinking water and just keep an eye on his behavior and if he seems to be getting ill then see a vet asap!
    hope that helped:)

  16. Robert M says:

    If the dog is a puppy under 1 year and ate more than one large bar of chocolate candy or if he is under 25lbs and you are nervous about it
    then call–(888) 426-4435 Immediately Keep this number handy there is
    a 60.00 fee.Poison Control Center open 24HRs 7 Days a WEEK1
    Good Luck!

  17. dogpaddler117 says:

    How much did he eat? How dark was it? The more and the darker the chocolate, The more chances your dog will die, have a seizure, or some other bad health effects. Either way, take him to the vet immediately! Dogs are very good at hiding sickness, and bad effects won’t always happen right away. Also, if you can, try to make your dog barf. It may sound weird, but there are things (if prescribed by a vet) that can safely induce a dog to barf. i hope this helps a lot!

  18. Tammy says:

    NO. He will be okay. Some dogs are more sensitive to it than others. But mostly he will be a bit hyper and might have loose stools.

  19. Thomas says:

    if he just eat chocolate and not the chocolate baking powder it will be all right if its like a chocolate bar

  20. winterrules says:

    Yes your dog will die. So will you and every other living thing. That is an indisputable fact. All living things die. Why should your dog be any different? Call poison control, tell them what kind of chocolate he ate and how much. They will tell you what you need to do.

  21. doodlelover says:

    nothing will happen, shell probably have a tummy ache, maybe the runs. if she has runny poo, feed her rice and chicken and bread for a bit to get her stomach settled. my vet said for it to hurt a dog for it to be in danger of dieing it will have to eat almost the equivilant weight of the chocolate to its body weight
    sorry if that doesnt make sense ^
    but if your dogs 10 pounds, if it eats like 9 pounds of chocolate its in danger.

    if shes not better in 24 hours go to the vet

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