My dog is itching and scratching everywhere?

I’ve checked him all over several times and I can’t find evidence of fleas or ticks anywhere. I’ve used special shampoo that helps dry skin and also started giving him fish oil tablets (the lady at pets supplies plus said it was good for their skin?) But he continues to itch, nibble at, and lick his skin fur. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to My dog is itching and scratching everywhere?

  1. fenderchick says:

    All it take is the saliva of 1 flea to trigger an allergic reaction so make sure that he is on a flea prevention every month.

    He is obviously have an allergic reaction to something, it could be anything from fleas, food or just something seasonal in the yard. Do not use a shampoo formulated to dry out his skin and do not bathe him more than once a week. Even once a week is too much unless recommended by your veterinarian with the use of a prescription shampoo. The fish oil capsules are great but he may need an antihistamine with a low dose of a steroid to get the reaction under control. If he continues to scratch all over he is very likely to develop a secondary skin infection which would require even MORE medications to control it.

    Take him to the vet and explain to them what you explained here. They will prescribe something to ease his suffering and most likely put him on a prescription shampoo that will help his problem and not make it worse.

  2. Brittney Latara says:

    he might just have really dry skin. at least bathe him twice a day and use the special shampoo just like u are. just continue what u are doing and if it doesnt stop bring him to the vet for sure

  3. Nat M says:

    Bathing more often dries out skin. He may also be allergic to his food, giving him allergy related symptoms. DO NOT BATHE HIM TOO OFTEN, for that will not help. He might also be allergic to animals he is around,l such as cats.

  4. moondog says:

    If you don’t have your dog on a regular flea prevention medication I would guess he has fleas.

    Fleas don’t actually live on the body of a dog, they jump on to feed so it’s very likely that you won’t see fleas on the dog.

    Do you see any evidence that he has allergies?
    It might be best to take your dog to the vet. That way you will find out what’s causing the itching and the vet will prescribe meds for the dog.

  5. pierced_chick123 says:

    How long have you been giving the fish oil?

    Fish oil takes at least 3 weeks to start working.

    Itching can be caused by many things, fleas, dry skin, allergies, mange and other things.

    Have you taken your dog to see a vet? If not I would recommend doing this.

  6. tmw2362 says:

    sounds like allergies—- if all else fails take him to the vet. or call and talk to the vet about it.

  7. Ga B says:

    could just be a habit. Or, could be same problem I had with my dog. He may be allergic to the corn in the food you are feeding him. Try giving him food without corn products, maybe something with rice instead. A little more expensive but worth a try.

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