My dog needs to go to the vet but Im BROKE?

We have a 11 month old chihuahua. She has this strange red scaly rash on her back. Almost all the hair is gone on a strip of her back. It is also on the tip of her tail and her feet. I boutght some medicine from a pet store for 10$ but it does not help. I have no idea what it is or where she got it. I have gotten all of her shots that she has been able to have so far. I cant take her to the vet because we are broke right now. Please dont give me this if you cant afford a pet then dont get one story. We have provided for her very well, we just are in kind of a bad spell. School jsut started, lots of money on clothes and school supplies and lunch snack and has money does add up. Our dog is very entergetic and playful. She is an indoor dog, has been since she was born. She does go out side every once in a while. Please tell me what i can do to help her or what it is or something. Your help is very well appreciated.
I just wanted to say thanks to all of the people who gave good, kind answers. I try to do my best. For the people who think it is nice or cute or funny or whatever, YOUR TIME WILL COME WHEN YOU NEED HELP. I dont like to wish bad on people but for thos who have to be so rude and mean, I HOPE THAT NO ONE WILL EVEN ATTEMPT TO HELP YOU. Again thanks for all of the good help. All of the good answer have been a good help and i have taken some peoples advice allready, benadryl, antibiotic cream.

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  1. tripforyou says:

    These are pictures of moderate to severe cases of sarcoptic mange (there are several forms of mange…)

    Yours won’t be this bad yet, but if her wounds resemble any of these images she needs to get to a vet asap… and she needs to see a vet either way. If it is mange, whether demodectic, sarcoptic, or other, your vet needs to treat it.

    In reality it could be any number of things… allergies, flea bite dermatitis, a skin infection… the only way to know for sure is to do a skin scrape and look at in under a microscope.

    Ignore the people being belligerent… office visits vary greatly depending on location. Some vets charge $60 basically when you walk in the door, others charge a lot less… the fees do add up… but what you should really consider is how much more expensive it COULD get if you wait. There are programs to help, a lot of vets will let you on a payment plan… there is also care credit which is a no interest credit program for vet bills.
    check it out… the sooner you get her to the vet the cheaper it is going to cost you… please go… call your local SPCA as well, sometimes they offer free vet care to families in a bind…

  2. Patrick M says:

    borrow money

  3. bcringler says:

    Try a medicated dog shampoo to see it will help. She could have allergies and she could have mange. And you know the rest of the story.

  4. spitonapit says:

    If you have a university or some kind of vet school nearby, call and some times they will wave fees or charge very little.

  5. karychev0427 says:

    maybe there’s a clinic that will accept your dog for free or cheap. I’ve seen it on T.V.

  6. puppylove says:

    oooooooooo pore doggie.

  7. bubbles says:

    Sounds like it might be mange. If it is the only thing that will help is the vet because she will need a strong medicine. Mange will spread if this is what she has.

  8. Jessica says:

    you can try calling the local ASPCA and let them know your dog is sick and you want to take it to the vet but you can’t afford it… maybe they can help or offer suggestions

  9. Star says:

    You cant afford a dog; Get rid of it.

  10. kevin b says:

    spca will help you

  11. Laurie says:

    She has a rash, use hydrocortozone cream, you can get a non-name brand at Wal-mart for about 4 bucks…she probably got into some bushes, and got poison oak, it will go away. try not to let her lick the cream off, or scratch. good luck.

  12. Lucy A. says:

    Borrow the money or come up with it some how,your pooch needs to go to the vet ASAP. Good luck

  13. Jptl05 says:

    Call up your local animal shelters and find out if there are any low income assistence programs. You definately need to get her in because there are many problems that can be the underlying cause of this problem. It could be as simple as and allergic reaction or something bad.

    Try 1/2 a benedryl for now and see if that helps. Our vet has recommended it to our dog for her congestion and watery eyes and has recommended it to family’s dog because they came from another state and the dog wasn’t used to grass.

    OMG is that chick down there living in the 50s still?? Coupons aren’t as common anymore. With stores like Walmart already having such low prices and other stores having their "customer cards" they don’t have as many coupons out for you to clip. I haven’t seen a double coupon day in over 5 years. Umm… collecting bottles, what is still served in glass bottles now adays and what little that is is only returnable in two states. It takes 1 ford f150 truckload of cans to earn about 15 dollars. That would take forever. I’m sure she is already aware of money saving tips and uses them.

    Times have changed. Money is unexpectedly tight for a lot of people these days with the gas prices. No one expects this to happen but it’s not fair for someone to give up their pet because of unexpected hardships, is it?

    To the chick up above me saying to get rid of it, I highly doubt you are a pet owner otherwise you would know that pets are like family to most people. They aren’t property that you dispose of when they don’t work anymore. Like I said, no one expects to have money problems, these things just come up but I hope that when you do someone just tosses you out like an old peed on couch.

    And as I type more idiots type. Did she say she didn’t have a job??????????????????????????????? People with jobs have money problems all the time. Unexpected expenses come up all the time. Wages stay the same and cost of living increases. It’s called life.

    Yahoo= ignorant rude people?????

  14. Ashlee says:

    call the vet…tell him whats going on….see if there is an over the counter drug you can buy that will help her…or atleast get him to diagnos it for you…..ask him or her what causes it….and how to prevent it if its not a self explanitory thing….and if he or she thinks the condition is serious enough and wants to see the dog….explain to them what is going on and ask if you can get on some kind of payment plan……i lived in a very small hometown…..and they are big on animals and live stock down there…this wasnt un common for them to do…and being an animal lover….the vet should understand….maybe not call..maybe go down there with your dog and talk….(sympathy lol) Good luck…hope i helped

  15. BigPappa says:

    Call you vet and tell him/her you’re broke. Most probably have a "hardship agreement." Ask what its terms are. They may also do some "pro bono" work. Give them a call.

  16. diane says:

    now I know that this might not be the solution for you but my sister was strapped for cash (hubby wouldn’t give her more than 20 to feed a family of 4 for aweek and would not let her work) She went to the recycle bin with the newspapers clipped all the coupons for food that she could and bought enough food for her family for never more than 20 and sometimes for free because she bought things on sale and on double coupon day. She also collect about 100 dollars of empty bottles weekly while she took her children fo r walks If you did both you could have the money you need soon

  17. cool_guy454861 says:

    Go in to the vet and explain the situation, I did have the the same problem and I had to take a dog in with no money they just did a consultation, a no expensed exam (in other words the vet checked him with out charging) but billed me for the consult. and he gave some freebie meds but I had to make sure I brought him back for a re-evaluation.

  18. chihuahua lady says:

    It sounds like mange! There are 2 kinds, sarcoptic and demodedic. If it is the sarcoptic mange, you can buy some dip for it, where pet supplies are sold. You really need to find out what kind of mange it is. Sorry, but a trip to the vet is the best thing,

  19. Beezlebub says:

    One of my dogs gets a rash in the summer because she has allergies. My vet told me to give her Benadryl – 25 mg per 25 lbs. If you go to Walgreens, they have a generic version that isn’t as expensive. Give it twice a day.

  20. trusport says:

    If you haven’t changed her food, introduced any new bedding or bathed her in a new shampoo, check for fleas. It only takes one flea for a dog to have an allergy. If she does have fleas, when you get the money go to Petsmart and get Frontline or Advantage, over the counter Hartz stuff doesn’t work and cause more problems. You can bathe her in JOY. Just getting the fleas wet won’t kill them. Lather her up, keep it on for at least 15 minutes, avoid getting any in her eyes, nose or mouth. Rinse her very well, then rinse her again. Dry her with a light colored towel to see if any fleas came off. Launder her bedding as well, use a small amount of bleach in hot water.

    If it’s not fleas you may have to plan a trip to the vet, in the meantime you can use a triple antibiotic on the rash which should help.

  21. rabbit lover says:

    that is why you get a JOB have you ever heard of one GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. giddhom says:

    Try a cortisone cream. Use a small amount per application and apply 3 – 4 times a day. Don’t let her lick it off.

    Return some of those pretty clothes you bought and take your dog to the vet.

  23. EQ says:

    An office visit only costs like $30, you would have been better off spending your money on that instead of on medicine when you didn’t even know what you were treating.

    There’s just too many things it could be–fungal, mites, flea sensitivity. You can’t treat it without knowing what it is, and you can’t know that without a vet checking it. Some of these things can spread to humans, so it’s worth it getting it checked out.

  24. sally says:

    First of all call your local vet and explain the situation. They may
    make pay arrangements with you to allow you to pay at a later date.
    You can also the Aspca. Your vet may have the number or
    try the American Humane Society. They do alot to help people with
    expenses. Alot of people donate money or are willing to sponser
    pets in need. It sounds like allergies or fleas but you can never
    be to careful. I would definitely call some of these places. I doubt
    they would turn you down. Good Luck. Give your puppy a hug for me.

  25. jpotts says:

    so sorry for ur dog. you have some good answers in here…along with smart remarks which u kindly ask not to give. go with the answers about the animal shelter or just call ur vet for help. either way u can get some help. good luck..

  26. Tirya says:

    Talk to a vet, explain the situation, and see if you can arrange a payment plan. Some will be able to do that.

    Consider giving up your internet connection for a couple of months to get the extra money needed.

    If you’re so broke that you don’t have enough money set aside for vet care for your dog, I hope none of your kids ever get sick.

  27. Whizbeth says:

    I’d talk to my local vet and see if I could work out a payment plan. Make the appointment, go to it, but first work out a pay plan. Offer to write out a post dated check, and ask them to PLEASE help your dog. Second, I’d go to my local ASPCA and ask for assistance, since NOT getting medical assistance for your pet can be considered to be abuse. ( I know you’re not abusing her )GET someone to help you, tell them the "I’ll just put her to sleep" story and tug at their heart strings until they help you (I hate to lie, but I’d do it in a heartbeat to get my dog help). I understand your predicament. Money is not always available when we need it, but it may cost less than you think. Check out your local PetSmart and see what they can do to help you – they usually have a "VetSmart" office. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help. You don’t mind paying the bill, but times are tight, right? Tell them that. I’ve gotten vets to help me and let me write out several post dated checks to cover an unexpected expense as long as you have a good rappore. She may just have something easily cleared up as long as you catch it early. And thank you for being a caring pet owner. As for future expenses, there ARE insurance plans for dogs and cats if you want to go that route. Do a search on pet health insurance and see who has plan that fits your needs. Hope she is better soon!

  28. purplebear5 says:

    First off just because he is broke does not mean he should get rid of the dog. He obviously loves it or he would not be asking for help. I say call the vet or ASPCA and ask for help. Most are in the business to help animals..

  29. JuneBug22 says:

    I agree with the compassionate & sensible individuals such as "tripforyou" & the answer he/she provided. Abusing each other is unnecessary & just mean when you’re going through a difficult time. No one can tell you how to spend your money or how you "should have" spent it. Those who have used your misfortune to do just that, should think multiple times before they submit answers like that, & ask if they would like to have someone tell THEM how they should have spent THEIR money?
    I wish you & your family–which includes your precious chihuahua–all the best. I hope you find that your vet, who already knows your dog, agrees to treat your dog with a payment plan (vets still have bills to pay) or is in a position to offer free service (best case scenario).

  30. Sweet Pea says:

    if you think it is mange, go to a local feed store, you can get a concentrated bottle of dip for less than $10, they also have a 6 in1 shot for dogs for about 6 bucks. good luck.

  31. catlady79 says:

    You can apply for a pet credit card. It’s called care credit it’s really good they start you off with a $3,000 limit. I have one it helps me out alot. I have 4cats and a little maltese.

  32. BRIAN W says:

    You should not have a pet if you cannot afford it. You are an irresponsible pet owner and people like you really piss me off. I hope you do not have children What would you do if you had kids and they were sick and you could not afford to take them to the doctor? Would you be on here asking what to do? You are pathetic! Get a life.

  33. veitedl says:

    i used to groom dogs, and it could be something mild, such as from the heat or an allergic reation to a household product, to something severe, such as a staph infection. i’ve seen numerous dogs with staph infections when i was grooming. either way, it is best for the dog to see a vet.

    vets are expensive at times, esp with medication. some vets have low rates, or run free clinics on certain days. some vets also have anonymous donors who will pay the bill when the owner is unable. my grandmother adopted a dog, and he was very sick (bronchitis, worms, etc) when she got him. she took him to the vet, but couldnt afford the bill due to a fixed income. she paid $20, and the rest was paid for anonymous donors to the clinic. check your local telephone book and call around to see the options you have, and be sure to explain the situation.

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