What are some cheaper alternatives to Carefresh pet bedding?

I have been using this bedding with great results for two years with my two guinea pigs, but changing two cages plus the corners makes me run through the stuff fast, and at a 60-liter bag, it’s not cheap. Are there any lower cost recycled soft beddings available?

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  1. :-D smiley says:

    Yesterdays News is a good bedding. I use it all the time! They have a cat one and a small animal one. But to tell you the truth theres really no difference in them- just that the cat one is CHEAPER :))) so I would try the small animal one first but you can ask an expert at your pet store if it is alright to use the cat one (since you prob want to make sure your animals are safe) Its made out of recycled news paper and it is better than regular newspaper. Plus it absorbs like crazy! 🙂

    Hope i helped!

  2. KimbeeJ says:

    I just use layered newspapers and change them every day. Much cheaper!

  3. Emmy K says:

    A very cheap alternative is fleece. you get a medium-thick piece of fleece that is cut to fit the bottom of the cage. You could get 2-3 pieces. when one gets gross, switch and wash the other one. it is soft, and cost efficient. if it has trouble staying down/folding into itself, just make it big enough to overlap and tuck it in through the bars(depends on the cage).
    Hope I helped!
    Emmy The Animal Lover

  4. CareFRESH says:

    While CareFRESH isn’t the cheapest bedding, it is a pet favorite! No other product is made from virgin reclaimed cellulose. The patented CareFRESH formula is free from dust and contaminants like pine or cedar oils, so it is safe for your small pet. It’s also all natural, biodegradable and flushable in small quantities. Nothing else is quite the same!

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