What do you put as bedding in your dogs kennels?

I am just wondering what you put as bedding in your dogs kennel (crate)? We are currently using a big dog bed but its a pain to wash and its starting to fall apart. So we are looking at other things to use in there if you could give us some sugestions that would be great! Thanks!

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  1. raregoldtx66 says:

    you can buy fleece at walmart in the fabric crafts section for like 5 dollars a yard , u dont have to do any thing to it , dont need to sew it or any thing it dont fray and is very washable , and you can buy several so u have some while washing .
    i buy yrd and half for the kennels and wash every two or three days .

  2. Jonny says:


  3. Suzanne says:

    I don’t have to use the crate anymore but I always just used old towels

  4. Maxi says:

    Newspaper and vet bed if its an indoor crate, for outdoor kennels straw is very good and warm

  5. Julie G (Miss P. Culiar) says:

    Lol, my dog sleeps on his own chair with his cushion on top of that. He’s even got his own duvet. It’s a really old one and he loves to sleep UNDER things so we thought it would make him feel more secure. It worked. He has never been crated.

  6. overnightdeejay says:

    we have 5 dogs and 5 cats all shelter rescues…

    we make a habit to collect towels and blankets either as we replace old tattered ones or if we can get any in bulk from goodwill or local laundromats…

    we use those and just make sure they get laundered before the dogs get them and regularly afterwards

  7. Julie D. says:

    Double sided/reversable fake lambs wool crate pads. I’m not sure if you can order them from catalogs or not, because we get them at our local pet supply place. (Family owned feed and supply store) We have been using these for over 30 years. They last forever (almost) and wash up, good as new.

  8. Eno says:

    lots of blankets. I find using medium sized blankets that fit in my washing machine easier to use and they dry quicker than all those fancy beds.

  9. laughing says:

    We go to Goodwill and get TONS of towels. They are cheap and every other Saturday Goodwill has a 50% off sale. Be sure to wash them first!

    We have a Great Dane puppy so she needs tons of padding because she’s bony. So we have seriously 15 towels in there that are soft and cozy. If she ever has an accident they are super easy to wash because you just throw them in the washer and dryer.

    Maybe you can try that?

    Good luck!

  10. Katie H-Newfieland, here I come says:

    I only have a crate for the papillon. He has a fleece blanket that is folded nicely. It was his first blanket. Fleece works well because it is really easy to clean. Just wash like normal clothes.

  11. Unstoppable!! ALWAYS! says:

    I make my own.
    Upholstery grade ,1 in.foam & ultra fleece fabric.I can make 10 & CUSTOM fitted=can’t be wadded up & ripped-for what buying cheap crap would run for 2.

  12. Leeanne says:

    Well my dog rips up everything I put in there, so I just keep collecting blankets to put in there.

  13. mumoff4madchildren says:

    i have three fleece blankets one in the bed one in the wash and one ready to change

  14. Brooke K says:

    We use a bed in our crates but you can use towels or blankets.

  15. funn g says:

    from the dog store the rug

  16. jess says:

    You could just use some towels/blankets instead of buying new dog bed.
    I use Bowsers Eco-Futon Bed, it’s very very durable and I bought it on sale:

  17. ©orgi Girl says:

    Usually a few towels or blankets. My dogs actually prefer no bedding, but I usually put SOMETHING in there.

  18. flygurrl78 says:

    Chew-resistant Cordura Nylon bed. I picked it up at Target for about $20. One of the dogs chews though anything else except her blankie (polar fleece blanket she totes around).

  19. ScottieDog says:

    I have several fleece throw blankets I found on clearance. These can be folded to fit the crate. I also use old, soft towels. The key is to find something soft and easy to wash. This is of course if your dog doesn’t chew things to bits.

  20. Dale M says:

    To get the right bed, consider your dog’s habits. Does she chew, dig, curl up, or sleep with all limbs splayed out to the side? Does she eat treats in bed? Is she incontinent or too arthritic to climb into a high bed? Is she allergic to dust mites? And of course, consider how important washability (my number-one criteria for dog beds) and style are to you.

    Here’s more details on dog beds, http://dogtime.com/dog-beds.html

  21. Sarah says:

    I found that they love it if you put soft blankets and an article of your clothing in the bottom of a crate. Do not use wood shavings or hay or anything, a nice blanket is the best for them. I have found that light blue and red blankets really calm them down more than other colors. Cool huh!

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