What is the best fencing to keep my dogs contained? They have chewed through 2 chain link kennels?

I have to keep my dogs in a kennel when they’re outside because my neighbor refuses to restrain their dogs and keep them in their yard, and they wander into my fenced yard. But, my dogs are extremely strong and can (and have) pull apart a chain-link fence. Where can I find a durable, chew-proof kennel?

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  1. Horse Lover says:

    Call animal control. Your neighbors dogs should not be loose and in your yard. There are leash laws.

  2. UHave2BeKiddingMe says:

    If you live in an area where there is a horse supply store, you should look into what are called "Cattle Panels".

    These are heavy welded panels. Although they are only 5′ high I would suggest you put a panel over the roof.

    They come in 16′ lengths. I would go with the 2" x 4" opening. This will prevent your dogs from getting their muzzles through.

    Here is an example………


  3. Dee says:

    i have a dog like that and we could not find a big enough kennel so we made one it is cheaper and its more fun try that

  4. Koga's Girl says:

    I am a part time dog trainer and I would say that you need to use a electric fence, but I need to know what type(s) of dogs you have. And I would suggest talking to your neighbor again. And i would also like to know her type(s) of dogs as well. Depending on the dogs it my be a life or death situation. Thank you. Its better to reply asap.

  5. Smuag says:

    There are leash laws in the United States for a reason. If your neighbor’s dogs are on your property and they get hurt, you could be held responsible. Insist that your neighbor keep their dogs on their own property, and insist that if they do not do so you will call animal control. There is no reason in the world why your dogs shouldn’t be free to enjoy your own fenced in back yard.

  6. Beatle fanatic says:

    Get rid of the kennels and tell your neighbor to keep their dogs out of your yard or you will call the dog officer to remove them.
    Take videos of them when they come in your yard for proof.
    If there is no dog officer then throw rocks at them or spray them with a hose to make them leave. They’ll get the hint pretty quickly.

  7. Suzi Q says:

    Your story makes no sense. You sound like another bad owner who blames everyone else for their own shortcomings. If you had a properly maintained fence – the neighbor’s dogs wouldn’t be able to get into your yard. Furthermore, if your dogs were trained and exercized on a daily basis (like they should be), they wouldn’t be destroying the kennel and their teeth.

    What you have is a worthless fence, a cheap kennel and 2 untrained dogs that are probably bored out of their minds. And if these are large and powerful breeds, they may be a threat to other animals or people.

    Train your dogs.
    Exercise them daily.
    Fix your fence.

    If you do those things successfully – you won’t need a kennel.

  8. T J says:

    Chain link comes in different weights. There is no way that a dog can chew it’s way out of #9 wire.
    Most dog run panels that you will find only use #12 or #11 1/2 wire because it is cheap. #11 wire will contain most dogs, and #9 wire will contain any dog. The different weights are available at most fence supply stores, and you can string it yourself or have it strung by a fence contractor on your existing frames.

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