What kind of dog would suit my lifestyle?

I LOVE DOGS! I basically live for dogs. it’s long time tell I get a dog but I guess I just want to get ready, so can you tell me what kind of dog would fit my lifestyle?
OK well my mom works 4 days a week. She sleeps in the days (she works night shift) 9-3 but on Fri. she picks me up from school at 12. Usually on school days (besides Fri.) I get out at 3pm. I go to school at 8. My mom works on Fri. Sat., Sun., and Sometimes Mon. SO she has day-offs when I’m at school and can take care of the dog so it wont be alone. When I come I will probably look forward to walking the dog to the park (down the street) and I need a small dog because I want it to be an inside dog. I also want the dog to be friendly with humans and other dogs (MY neighborhood has lots of dogs, that i want it to be friendly with) I can supply all the food, care,and love it needs. Oh and I want a dog that doesn’t get sick that often, but that may have A FEW health problems Please tell me a what kind of dog,please!
I dont expect the dog to be perfect and flawless so if the dog you suggested does have a few health problems or flaws but overall will fit my lifestyle, I am willing to do anything

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  1. voodoo-dolly says:

    You can take a quiz at http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/search.htm to see what types of dogs would fit your lifestyle based on things like size, shedding, exercise needs, etc. Then you can read about each dog that comes up. You can also look here at http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/photosearch.htm and look at all the "small dogs" by photo and see if any peak your interest. If you find one you like look at http://www.petfinder.com/ to see if there are any of that breed in a shelter or rescure group in your area.

    Some breeds that people tend to enjoy (who are smaller and friendly) are Yorkies, Maltese, Shih tzu, Pomeranian, Jack Russel Terrier, and Bichon Frise.

    I do not recommend Lhasa Apsos as a first time dog. I own one now who defies all the Lhasa Apso laws, but in general (from experience), they tend to be tempermental, stubborn, difficult to housebreak and train and some do not like other people or dogs (standard: "wary of strangers", "aloof"). I also would not recommend Chihuahua because they can be snippy and tempermental, or West Highland White Terriers because they can be snippy with other people and dogs (they won’t pick fights but they don’t much care about being around other people). Of COURSE these things are not set in stone (especially if you work on socializing at a young age), it’s just a general idea of the breeds.

  2. acstevey1 says:

    start off with something small just to make sure you have everything in control

  3. hydez2002 says:

    check your local spca or animal shelter. i’d say you’d like a mix cocker spaniel or somethin like that.

    check out the diff breeds on the website. you can see what kind you like from there.

  4. crystalyn129 says:

    i suggest going to your local shelter and picking a mixed breed dog. They tend to have less health problems than pure breeds and their temperments are more friendly. good luck.

  5. Maureen says:

    I would research the dogs you are interested in. Any type of dog will work for your lifestyle, and any type of breed will be friendly with other animals and humans it really depends on the breeding of the dog and how it is treated prior to you purchasing the pup.
    Once you have a pup you will want to look into to training the training will help the dog to socialize with other dogs and people and will also teach you how to work with your dog….check this web site out http://www.becomedogsavvy.com Anne has been working with dogs for over 30 yrs
    Good luck in your search

  6. surfergrl145 says:

    I would go down to your local shelter and try to get a dog that is at least 1-2 years old. Some shelters have dogs that are surrendered by their owners, so they know a little bit about their history. As far as size, greyhounds make one of the best apartment dogs. They are very content to laze around all day. So maybe rescue one of those. Every dog is going to be different with how it reacts to humans and other animals. One of the newer breeds that may be worth checking out is a Puggle. A pug and beagle cross. This dog doesn’t have the breathing problems of the pug, and is friendly like a beagle. However, because a beagle is a big dog in a little dog body, it would need lots of daily exercise. I would go with an older dog as your first pet. Puppies are very messy and a lot of work (usually the first two months you are up at midnight to let it out and they chew and pee on EVERYTHING!). Past that, go to dog parks and look at and meet different dogs. Then RESEARCH! the breed that you are interested in. A lot of people like terriers, but they are a very hardy dog and need to stay active and a lot of people don’t realize this and get into trouble with them. I hope that all of this helps.

  7. Tracey A says:

    I recommend a smaller dog. No terriers, they are too active and will not adjust well to apt. life (and will wake your Mom)

    Llapso-apso, King Charles spaniel, miniature poodle (not the toy!), or Bichon Frise.

    all smart dogs, loving…but dogs that after puppyhood will be somewhat calm, quiet and no there place in the family.

  8. piratechic says:

    I would reccommend a Boston terrier, I have one and her favorite thing to do is sleep under the covers. But she will play whenever she is invited to by myself or my cocker spaniel. She is 7 months and weighs 11 lbs. She loves everyone and just wants to be with you all the time whether we are cuddling on the couch, going for a car ride are running around at the park.

  9. KayKay says:

    I agree with the other answers, you should get a mixed breed.

    But if you’re not into that, and want a purebreed or something, go for a Pekingese. They are pretty much everything you described.

  10. Hughes says:

    Animal Planet has a great quiz for this purpose. I love that you want to research before getting a dog, it shows that you will care and be a responsible owner. That said, you didn’t say much about your "lifestyle" just that you go to school. Are you an active person? A dog in the hunting or working or hearding category would be good for a person who likes to go running or do a lot of outdoor activities. Are you a couch potato? Think lap dog. Grooming expenses for non-shedders, purebreds prone to certain disorders, etc. There are many things that will help you narrow down your choices.

  11. Confuzzled says:

    I have a lifestyle a bit like yours…. I have a small dog named Angel… She is a Doxen-cocker spaniel mix and she is just the sweetest dog. So I think a Doxen or cocker spaniel or a mix of the two would be perfect for you…. Hope this helps!

  12. ezrider says:

    I have a blue tick 14" Beagle and think its temperament is the best i ever had. Shes very loving and family oriented, which means she will love the whole family. She learns tricks very fast and never forgets them. She knows if your down and if your up, but what ever dog you get you must give it very much love and attention. Treat it as if your babysitting a 2 Yr old and that’s about how much attention they need. Good Luck

  13. Stacey C says:

    I would reccomend a Dashchund. They are great and I have had 3 of them. I have worked all different and crazy schedules. They adapt well, and are always going to bed when I do. They are good with other animals and people of all ages. They don’t have any "cronic" health problems and are very loyal to their owner(s).
    Good Luck !!

  14. paula says:

    First, you should be congratulated for having the foresight to know that owning a dog is a large commitment and a family must consider their lifestyles and schedules before getting a dog. It sounds like you and Mom are busy people, so please strongly consider the added work and time investment that will go along with owning a dog. Excercising your dog will be one of the most important aspects of ownership. It helps the dog to be healthy and also to use up some energy in a productive manner.

    I would suggest that you try looking at some of these websites listed below. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not buy a puppy at a puppy store. The background of these pups are very questionable and supporting the pet stores simply supports the irresponsible breeders that raise puppies in deplorable and inhumane environments. You can adopt a dog from your local shelters/pounds/rescue agencies or you can buy from a reputable breeder.



  15. Brittany F D says:

    A chihuahua is a good breed,they are very relaxed dogs when nobody is home and can entertain themselves when nobody is home.They are very energetic though,and love to have running spells.They get along good with other pets usally,and bond to people very well.They don’t have alot of health problems,and a short hair doesn’t need extreme grooming like some breeds.They don’t eat alot.They also love to go for walks,and go for rides in the car,and love to wear little jackets,shirts,and sweaters!Take it from me having 3 chihuahuas,this breed seems like the dog for you!Hope I helped and get best answer.

  16. Daniella D says:

    a golden reviver

  17. Ash says:

    I think a Jack Russel Terrier would be good for you. in my experience, most of them get along well with other dogs. they are smaller also.

  18. tanjellokiwi says:

    German Shepard

  19. chippychip says:

    A smaller dog, would suit you. I reccomend, a small – medium size dog, you don’t have enough hours to take care of a big big dog, let it outside, ect… I’d reccomend a dog like, basset hound, boston terrier, maltese (x-small dog). Bichon, shitzu, toy poodle (maybe.) And all dogs get sick at one time or another, BUT I’ve had the LEAST trouble with the pair of my maltese, my bichon, got sick and died at age 4, it had health issues, that was not because of its breed that it is sickly, though.

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