What’s a good, inexpensive dog shampoo?

I’m getting a dog from a local shelter next month. I’m extremely picky about a lot of dog related things such as diet, exercise, and training, however I’ve never really looked into dog grooming supplies. My city has some national pet supply chains (Petco & PetsMart) as well as the regular Target, Wal*Mart number, so there are quite a few options when it comes to shampoo, etc. Since I’m so particular on a dog’s diet, I’m hoping to cut some of the pet supply cost by trying to find a mid to low priced, good dog shampoo. I’m looking for something that doesn’t have a lot of smell added to it (I don’t like the idea of using perfumes on my dog) but I don’t nessasarily want to buy the cheapest stuff I can find. Any help?

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  1. Savanahs Mommy says:

    don’t buy dog shampoo!! get Baby Shampoo!! I use it and won’t use anything else… Its cheaper and works well without drying the skin, dont shampoo more than once a week or even every other week at the most…. its also safe for the eyes..smile… accidents do happen….

    here are some testimonials:

    I have been using Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo for my dogs, yes my dogs. It is extremely gentle on their skin, and as they areprone to allergies, I use one or two capfuls per dog once a month, to keep their hair/fur silky and their skin moist. It doesn’t bother them like most dog shampoos. My local vet recommended this for all dogs, dry skin or normal skin. I use it myself (I am 30 years old) every now and again if I forget to stock up on regular adult shampoo and my hair feels great!

    Although the Johnson & Johnson brand shampoo is a bit more expensive than the store brand, I trust their products as my mom used them on me many many years ago. And when I do have kids, I will use it on them.

    1) If you have adults, kids, babies and dogs (not so sure about cats and other animals) that are prone to allergies or dry skin, this shampoo is marvelous to use and will not cause (most cases) any allergic reaction as the ingredients are extremely gentle on the skin. I highly recommend this product for your shampooing needs in your family.

    2) Hello

    I have been told by my vet that I can use a mild baby shampoo to was my dog
    instead of using commercial brands.
    I tried it today and it was amazing how soft and shiny his coat has become.

    Go on give it a try and you will be amazed…

    3) I found this board looking for help with dry skin on the dog. We were using the oatmeal shampoo and it was making it worse. So I tried the baby shampoo and prefer it. Before, Dory would itch for days after her bath, now with the baby shampoo, she might scratch a couple of times.

    I also changed her diet, and I really think that that made the biggest difference.

    4) I am glad that there is someone out there who is also using baby shampoo to bath their dogs.I am using the normal one without any strawberry smell.My dogs are all looking fluffy and cuddly.

    I could post alot more but I am sure you get the picture.. dont waste your $$ on "Dog shampoo" which usually has alot of stuff added to it that is really not necessary…good luck..smile

    EDIT: I have heard (like the Queen stated) that Mane and Tail works great to( I think I saw it at Walmart or maybe Walgreens????), but I still prefer Johnsons and Johnsons as I am not always great about the eyes and I know its harmless when it gets in the eyes….lol…smile

  2. The Haggard Hag says:

    I asked my dog’s vet about this and he said you can use the unscented Dove soap. You can get it it cheap. or even the generic version. I am sure people will thumbs down this, but I am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. My dog is my princess and I wouldn’t do that to another dog owner.

  3. Catherine M says:

    You can use Johonson and Johonsons baby shampoo, it works great and is very cheap.

  4. The Queen says:

    i use Johnson’s baby shampoo on my dogs, it’s gentle and doesn’t dry their skin out.

  5. mom90cookin says:

    I have always used tear free baby shampoo on mine.. good old Johnson and Johnson

  6. hammy says:

    I don’t know any dog shampoos that have perfumes. But cheap shampoos work the same as the expensive ones. The expensive ones are only expensive because of the companies. If the company is big than so is the price

  7. maryk says:

    i’ve got 3 dogs. what i use on them, i actually was using myself. don’t laugh. mane and tail is the name and it’s horse shampoo. it’s really a good shampoo; it’s mild but cleans well and has odor controllers in it. not harsh deodorants. the dogs actually smell good for like a month unles they get into something.

    where i live, mane and tail sells for 6.00/32 oz. bottle and the conditioner is the same. it’s great shampoo for you too

  8. Bama says:

    Castille Soap

    I wash 1 time each month

    Dr Bonners or Kirks.. either one

    I like Dr Bonner’s with Eucalyptus.. I understand you don’t want smell.. but this helps ward off Fleas, Mosquitoes, and Ticks

    Buy the liquid soap or Shave off a Sliver (that is what I do) into hot water the night before you want to use it… then you will have "shampoo" by morning…..

    I have also been known to use my own shampoo (I use Pantene on my hair) just very thinned out with a whole lot of water

    Some dogs are sensative to Baby Shampoo because it is Alakaline (check it with a PH strip)

    If you want to buy "Pet Shampoo" go with an oatmeal formula as the dog is less likely to experience an allergic reaction

    Rinse with a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar in the water…. after you are 100% certain all shampoo is out of the dogs fur….
    It will cut any soap residue and also help keep fleas at bay

  9. Sophiesmom says:

    Other than baby shampoo, you can use Suave…The cheaper the shampoo the better….

  10. bad1998vette says:

    i use baby shampoo it smells better and won’t burn their eyes.

  11. ladydye_5 says:

    i use baby shampoo,,it is generally cheap, very mild, just like a baby wont burn the eyes if it gets in them, and smells nice

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