Where can I leave my dog to be taken care of while I’m on vacation?

I need a place to leave my dog for about 17 days while I’m on my vacation….I need somewhere that will take care of my dog as best as they can….

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  1. Emma L says:

    I wondered the same thing for my first dog, so I did some research and found out three possibilities. So here you go!

    You could hire a pet sitter to come to your house. Have them come over first and explain everything that needs to be done. Don’t be shy. They’re working for YOU. Ask them questions to make sure they’re reliable. Call every few days to check up on everything. I do this all the time with pet sitters, after a bad experience with one…

    Another option is to take your dog to a boarding kennel. Boarding kennels are usually very good, (some are better than others) sometimes not as expensive (per day) as a private sitter, sometimes more. Again, check it out before leaving your dog with them. They feed, exercise, and play with your dog. Many of the other services include training, if you would like it, and playing with other dogs. Don’t be surprised when you come back if your dog is very sleepy. Many dogs bark most of the night, waking up others. (I know this from experience).

    A last possibility is a doggy day care center. It’s usually pretty expensive, but they spoil your dogs rotten. They usually feed them, and your dog could have the time of his life playing with all the other dogs. They usually have swimming pools and puppy playgrounds. Your dog will have plenty of exercise, attention and fun there. (Now I’m starting to sound like a commercial, huh?) You should also check these out before leaving your dog with them.

    A notable note: Some doggy day care centers have overnight places for dogs, but some will require your dog to be driven from your house in the morning and back at night. You could have a friend or pet sitter do this.

    Ask questions about all these services and find out exactly what they do for your pup. You want to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

    You can find local listings of all of the above in your phone book or on the Internet. Hope this helped, and good luck!

  2. torbaynewfs says:

    Call Boarding Kennels, Vet Hospitals, Pet sitters. There are many of these all over.

  3. kittycat32317 says:

    Check your local vet or look in the phone book for boarding kennels.

  4. karaboo1993 says:

    take your dog to a bording house lots of vets do that or leave it whith family member.

  5. gina.alvarez1 says:

    call the local vets in your area, many of them have boarding facilities or can recommend a good one for you. I have left my dog at a boarding place before, and she was wonderful, they will walk them everyday and play to make sure they get enough exercise and play time!

  6. sun day says:

    Do some research for boarding, you should be able to go into the kennel area and see how everything is set up. Otherwise, maybe family or friends? Or else look into paying someone to come over 3x a day to walk, feed and play with him/her.

  7. Vet Tech says:

    Call your vet and get recommendations for boarding facilities or in-home pet sitters 🙂

    Also, ask friends, family, etc. and get recommendations. Go visit a few boarding facilities, ask plenty of questions, request to see where your dog will be kept, and ask for references (and call!!). If you decide to go with the pet-sitter make sure they are a reputable and responsible individual who comes with many recommendations.

    Good luck!!!

  8. Kristen says:

    Well depending on your area, they should have some sort of pet sitting service in your area, either in home or you take them there. Do some research on the places that interest you the most and see if they are a reputable care provider. Also, if you know a neighbor, family member or friend that would be willing to take care of your dog, thats a good option too! Good luck! Its heartbreaking to leave your dog isn’t it? I hate doing it!

  9. Nathan B says:

    I would hire a pet sitter who come to your house and take care of them. I would NEVER put them in a kennel which is the most stressful place for the dogs to be. Check local vets and National Pet Sitter’s Association and do search for your local area.

  10. daigreterrio says:

    Do you have a vet that you go to on a regular basis? Many vets offer boarding. If not, check around with people in your area to see how they recommend. I would not just drop your dog off at any vet without any recommendations. If it is a bigger dog that needs to run, check around for facilities that have alot of running space. I would start though by calling your vet, if they don’t board I am sure they can recommend someone. Some areas also have petsitters that will come to your home but I am not sure if you dog can be left alone.

  11. riptide_71 says:

    Wow, that is along time.

    1) Try and find a local pet sitter. Dogs like to stay in their own homes if posssible. Start interviewing the pet sitters early and CHECK references.

    2) If you can’t get a pet-sitter, start looking for kennels. Go there and check them out. Just show up. Do not call first, because you want to see a tour when things are really happening.

    Make sure you do your research. Your dog is important and that is along time.

  12. Doglover10 says:

    try a kennle and tell them to bord them till u get back

  13. Bozema says:

    My preferred method is to see if you can find someone who can stay in your home and take care of the dog. The 25-year old daughter of a friend of ours does this on the side to make extra money and we can trust her. Barring that, a petsitter who can come by twice a day and, feed, water and exercise your dog at home is the next best choice. Boarding is OK if you use a good facility, but dogs are sometimes stressed by being boarded.

    Call your vet for recommendations for petsitters or boarding facilities.

  14. Beth says:

    Search your area for kennel free doggie day care. I take mine to a place in San Francisco and he loves it. They really love dogs and take very good care of him.

  15. SH says:

    Well we offer doggy boarding we trun it out of our home so you should find someone who is a pro and does it out of there home so ur dogs arnt locked up all day. good luck

  16. Tigger says:

    A reputable kennel- but expect to pay a lot.

    Alternately, if you know someone who is reliable, you can either leave your dog with this person or have him come take care of the dog.

    Good luck, and enjoy your vacation!

  17. danny alexander says:

    If u have friends that will take care of them let them or maybe a family member.If 1 of ur friends or family love dogs and u know they’ll take care of them let them or if they have kids cause kids just love dogs aleast some of them.

  18. Madie says:

    Dog kennels or vet offices are good places- but expensive. You also have to be aware of Kennel Cough and make sure that none of the other dogs there have it. A nieghbor kid – if they are responsible- or a close friend could take care of your dog too- and it saves you alot more money. One of my local kennels cost $30 a night, so instead I asked my cousin to take care of my dog. Plus all my worries of my dog getting sick from another dog went away! Hope this helps!!!!

  19. Jennifer says:

    leave your dog at home and hire a pet sitter to come and take care of him/her. While it may be expensive dogs are happiest at home and porfessional pet sitters really care about your pets. Make sure the person is bonded and insured and has references…don’t just hire someone who says they can watch your dog…good luck. To find a reputable pet sitter in your area check out http://www.petsit.com and you can search for sitters in your area.

  20. Missy says:

    Try your vets, they often board. Also check your newspaper, or phone book for a pet sitter. They have licensed, and bonded ones where I live that will either come by your house, and or stay with your dog. Good Luck

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