Who should I contact when I can no longer care for my dog?

I live in an apartment and my dog has completely gone out of my control. I am pregnant and it is becoming harder for me to care for her properly (i.e. walking). I just need some sort of direction on what steps I should take.

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  1. Kareen L says:

    If you can’t find a way to deal with your dog, then the SPCA, or ads in your paper are your best ideas.

    But, remember, walking isn’t the only way to get a dog exercise. Some dogs love playing fetch indoors…. toss a soft ball down your longest hallway until the dog wears out. Mine loves to chase a ball up and down the stairs at home, but I don’t know if your building would appreciate that.

    My dog gets bored, even with repeated walking, and will end up acting squirrely. What she needs at times isn’t just exercise, but stimulation. We take bins and chairs and set up obstacle courses for her when it’s cold out in the winter (she’s getting a bit arthritic). We have her hop up on one chair and sit… then crawl under another and hold her position there. It gives her some mental stimulation, and she responds really well.

    No matter what you choose, remember…. animals are great, but mommy and baby’s health comes first. Don’t ever apologize for that.

    Best of luck!

  2. Tanner_Eggleston says:

    if you dont want your dog tell me where you live maybe i can help

  3. sabinepd says:

    Look for a breed specific rescue in your area.

    If you have a mixed breed, do your best to find a no kill shelter.

    If you have a small mixed breed, you might try a small dog rescue.

    If this doesnt work, you can try talking to your friends and relatives and coworkers to see if they or someone they know might be interested.

    If you find a home privately for your dog, make sure you ask the person a lot of questions on how they will take care of it, and get a good feeling for them. It’s your responsibility to make sure your dog gets a good home.

  4. hellphyre says:

    girl……i know exactly how u feel. my husband and i have 3 dogs(big ones) and we keep them outside on our patio which is enclosed, but they are eating the wood fencing. looool i really don’t know who exactly to call, but i will be watching for answers from those who do know because i am wanting to find homes for my dogs too.

    good luck.

  5. precii0uzly says:

    Call the SPCA.

    I would suggest taking some time to train your dog so she doesn’t have to end up in a shelter. Being pregnant is no excuse. I was 7mo pregnant when we got a puppy and I had no problem training him and walking him every hour for the last two months of my pregnancy and even after with a newborn. It really annoys me when people only keep dogs around when it suits them.

  6. pcloud@ameritech.net says:

    Get on your computer and look for a animal recue site.They are normally really great and will look for your animal a new home.It wouldn’t hurt to make a contribution so they can keep these going nothing real big just something to help the rescurers while they look for you dog a new home

  7. animalsrme says:

    if you could supply us with more information, I think it would better help us to help you.

    Breed of dog, age, spayed etc.

    Thank you.

  8. rocawear_princess123 says:

    I think you should take it easy i think that you should take the dog to someone you can trust and leave it with them after you move into a bigger apartment have the baby you can pick up your dog or buy, or make a dog house outside (backyard) so that the dog could stay there for a couple of months or just give the dog away

    I hope you have fun with ur new baby take care

  9. Special K says:

    If you no longer want your animals you should contact your local SPC services where they take animals in. Or you can put an ad out seeing if anyone want a dog.

  10. Karen T says:

    I would not get rid of the dog. Even if its hard to walk it you should to get some exercise. And when the baby is born he/she will enjoy living with the dog. You can also hire a babysitter for your dog. Trust me it will help. But if you really cant handle it send her to the animal shelter. And no they wont kill your dog. But im warning you…if you send her away you will regret it and feel like you want to kill yourself trust me i know. Being pregnant is no excusse to get rid of the dog. Send her to a dog trainer if you cant train her. Seriously you will regret it. Well anyway Good Luck with the baby+congrats.

  11. monkeycrazy says:

    I would contact a animal shelter and see if they will take the dog in . It is too bad that you cant care for it anymore.

  12. Great~Wolf says:

    ask a good (and responsible) friend or an organization/business of such…
    your neighborhood dog-walkers or "Dog Owners Anonymous"–no it’s not a real organization… i don’t think)

    get a trainer who specializes in domestic animal home training to discipline your dog…

    sell her… trade her… kill her (humanely, well,there really is no reason to do it anyway, huh?)..whatever…

    turn her into the animal shelter/SPCA

    be the hardest working pregnant woman in history and deal with the trouble-maker.

  13. shining_pixy says:

    Do NOT take them to PITA, bunch of pet killers.

    I would take them to the SPCA in your area. The local pound will usually just put them to sleep. The SPCA will care for, retrain and make sure your dog has a good home.

    If you are not looking to get rid of your dog permanently I would try to find a relative or friend that will care for your dog until the baby comes. It really just sounds like your dog senses the new arrival and has become jealous. They do that. That is sometimes a touch and go situation whether they accept the baby.

  14. litlbigdg says:


  15. Girl says:

    Either talk to friends, neighbors, or family members who might want it. And if not… just take it to the pound… they will find a great home for it.

  16. BuffyFromGP says:

    Go on-line and look for rescue groups in your area. If you don’t find a group that is willing to take your dog, there has to be a local animal shelter or Humane Society.

    Most groups will take the dog if you make it easy on them. Offer to provide any vet records you have. This helps a bunch with knowing more about your dog. Be honest with them also, don’t make your wild child seem like an angel.

    Good luck, and don’t feel bad. Better to find your pooch a new home now before you both feel more overwhelmed when the baby arrives.

  17. Jo says:

    Dogs are such loyal animals. I hate to think of one being given up for what is a temporary condition. Is there some way you can hire a local teen to walk your dog for a month or two while you are adjusting? It should be cheap to arrange. Another possiblity is to buy an "Easy Walk" harness made by "Gentle Leaders" which makes walking your dog much much easier. It may solve your problem overall.

  18. caesarsmom2 says:

    have someone walk her for you, this way all of that energy will be
    gone and you’ll be able to control her better. after all it’s not her
    fault shes that way so help her deter her energy and she’ll be
    a better dog for you.

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