Why does my dog like eating ice?

We have an open supply of water but, when we give a piece of ice she attacks it like she’s hasn’t had a drink in days.

And for all of you paranoid dog people- my dog is very small and the pieces of ice couldn’t possibly fit in her mouth and choke her.

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9 Responses to Why does my dog like eating ice?

  1. sewwoodyou says:

    It’s pure water and in the wild all animals will chip away and eat ice… Just a natural thing to them.

    Don’t worry about choking.. they like to chew it up first *and they can*… hahhahaa


    ***cheap treats***

  2. lizzy says:

    It’s cold and crunchy and it’s an interesting thing to put in her mouth. Giving a dog ice cubes is perfectly fine.

  3. basic324 says:

    the same reason why we like to eat ice. it’s fun to chew and it cools you down.

  4. Tweak says:

    my dogs aren’t really into ice even though i sometimes put ice in their water during the summer just for the heck of it

    my male black lab loves the snow though, once it starts snowing, he will actually open the doors from inside(he knows how to open doors with handles) and run out and put his face in it and roll around in the stuff

    its really funny

  5. rebecca p says:

    all dogs like ice its because it cools them down

  6. cay cay says:

    its cooling to her, and he helps her teeth better than chewing on my good shoes.

  7. NJ says:

    I think it must amuse them because my dog does the same, She will grab that ice and chew down and look up at me as to say,"Look what I have accomplished" During the hot months I always add ice to they’re drinking water.

  8. trolling_for_fundies says:

    Because it is cold, wet, and it is crunchy (if your dog can actually eat it).

    And also, because generally, well trained dogs will go after anything you give to them.

  9. jazziemunkeey says:

    if its a puppy it might like it if it is teething. i used to wet a cloth and freeze it. My dog liked that a lot better than any toys i could buy her. after it thawed out she would give it back to me to refreeze.

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