What other animals can live with bearded dragons?

What other lizards/reptiles can live in the same habitat as bearded dragons (if any)? Or, what other common reptiles or lizards can live in the same habitat together?

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  1. Khalis says:

    Neither as Reptiles are solitary animals although a species that may do well by co-existing (and that I’ve seen) are probably blue-tongue skinks, Uromastyks, and frilled lizards (maybe?), but I’d say another bearded dragon if you want to breed or had them acquired as hatchlings/juveniles, but do not your lizard isn’t lonely and perhaps happily living alone reptiles do not want nor enjoy company although you may see a few species of of lizards, snakes (garters, balls, pit vipers, etc.), turtles/tortoises and crocodilians living together in the wild in captivity it will just cause lots and lots of problems so don’t risk it at all, don’t have time for another tank setup then you don’t have the time for a other reptile. Your just putting your beardie in great danger of being attacked, killed or possibly eaten. Do Not Do It! Good Luck!

  2. Ryan says:

    communing of any (different) species is a horrible idea. Bearded dragons are no different Due to the fact that they are territorial lizards.

  3. Ally says:

    It is never a good idea to place two different animal species in the same enclosure as one another. Especially with Bearded dragons. Those lizards show a bit more aggression towards other lizards than you would expect them too. I just read an article on here the other day, it was a man saying that his roommate had placed his Beardie in with his Leo gecko. Well, the Beardie chewed off his tail, tore his stomach open, and left assorted cuts and scratches everywhere else. They of course had to put him down so he wouldn’t suffer. It’s sad and that’s why you should never be placing them together!

    I don’t think that there are any reptiles that can be enclosed in a tank with one of a different species. You can room the same species together, as much as you please. But as for the other ones, keep them with their own kind.

    Hope this helped!

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