Frenchie training

Do you have any problems regarding Frenchie training and wanna know how to solve them? No woriez, dear reader, I wrote for you many proven solutions to help you.

Frenchie training might be a little tricky. Because French Bulldogs are obstinate, this is the case.

It takes some work and patient to train Frenchies to be decent friends.

It will be easy to train if you provide him with the right motivation and turn the Frenchie training process into an enjoyable activity.

Then, you’ll have his cooperation on your side.

You will see some Frenchie training steps, tips, and advice. And you will probably love them because they will help you to train your beloved dog and solve any training problems you’ve got.

Personality Is Crucial to Understand First, Then Start the Frenchie Training

Frenchie training

First of all, you must understand your French bulldog characteristic before you start training him. How can you be a friend with someone without knowing him well and expect him to be genuine and listen to you?

I talked about Frenchie’s character and personality in my previous articles (You are welcome to read them if you like). However, I would discuss a bit about their character here. 

Frenchie is a friendly, loyal, active, sweet, and affectionate dog. French Bulldog has a nice look and a clever, loving, and fascinating disposition.

Owning a French bulldog may be a delight since this breed is kindhearted, loving, and amusing. Children and other animals get along well with them.

Frenchies are known to be obstinate, so training them may be difficult. As long as you make the training pleasant and provide lots of goodies and praise, you’ll be OK (You Can Do it!).

Frenchie Training Steps You Must Do

  1. Introduce Your French Bulldog Puppy

The first step in training a French Bulldog puppy is introducing him to the people and animals in its immediate environment. 

For good Frenchie training, you have to show him the surroundings including animals, and humans.

Introduce your puppy to everyone in your home and allow it to engage with them as soon as possible.

And be sure that they will flourish in an environment where a lot is going on.

2. Follow a Specific Routine 

Frenchie training will be manageable if you follow a consistent routine, and I will show you how.

Let say for sure that routines are like commitment and fixed program. 

Routines are like walking around the neighborhood, using the bathroom, eating meals, and playing at specific times. 

Doing all in particular times will provide your dog a sense of security and make him train better as well.

Note that your Frenchie would need to potty after each time you feed him, strenuous play sessions, naps, and getting out of the crate.

Routines will help you anticipate when your dog will need to walk outdoors and allow you to plan accordingly.

3. Perform Outdoors With Your Beloved Frenchie

Frenchie training lessons are important because once you apply them, your dog will be confident and pleasant.

When it’s time for your Frenchie to go pee, always accompany him outdoors.

Remember that dogs might become preoccupied and forget to go potty.

Immediately after he finishes, you may give him the treat to help emphasize that using the toilet outside is a positive sign.

4. Short Lessons Always Came in Handy!

You can train your French Bulldog puppy with limited commands with ease, and you will reap the rewards in the long run.

You need to train these words such as Stop, Down, Potty, No, Come, Stay, Sit, Quiet, and Leave it. It is a simple set of commands that your puppy can readily pick up on.

Keep your lectures short, no more than five minutes at a time! And extended training can only annoy you and your French Bulldog, so make it short.

You should train your Frenchie at least once daily or three times a day, but do not exceed above 5 Times a day when your dog is relaxed, nourished, and quiet.

5. Emotional Verbal and Physical Prizes Are excellent

During Frenchie training, ensure to include praising, food treats, and favorite toys are indeed excellent prizes for French Bulldogs.

Despite their emotional nature, French Bulldogs are sensitive to negative comments.

Praising, petting, and treats are great ways to prevent your dog from getting angry.

Reward your Frenchie generously whenever he accomplishes the right thing without your instruction.

Do not yell or reprimand your Frenchie (He will get depressed and feel so sad) when things do not go as planned.

Stay positive at all times to establish a trusting and pleasant connection.

Some Frenchie Training Tips Will Help You

Frenchie training

6. Being With Versus Not Being With Your Frenchie

In addition to being desperate to please, French Bulldogs are also responsive to treats and compliments.

Positive reinforcement and plenty of affection can persuade Frenchie puppies to accomplish practically anything.

French Bulldogs love us and dislike being alone just like us! No one wants to be lonely! And we can’t afford to be alone. 

Take me as an example I always talk to myself for no reason and respond simultaneously. I make a good conversation and laugh with myself. 

However, your Frenchies can’t do it because they need us.

When you neglect them, they rapidly understand this since your absence is a terrible punishment for them.

7. Tools are an easy way to help Frenchie training

There are not many training items needed to train French Bulldogs. If your dog knows why you rewarded and praise him and he can be effective.

In addition to a dog harness, you will need to train your Frenchie to walk on a leash. Collars are not recommended for French Bulldogs since they might block their airways.

French Bulldogs, on the other hand, are not high-energy dogs and quickly exhaust.

Breathing problems are another issue that can arise in Frenchies. While Frenchie training, keep this in mind.

8. Potty Train Puppy

Are French Bulldogs easy to potty train?

Yes, but the key is to begin potty training as early as possible. Before bringing the puppy home, you should pick a suitable toilet place.

Bringing your French Bulldog to their regular pee area is the next step. You have to provide treats and praises when he does his duties.

If you’re persistent and patient, your French Bulldog will learn rapidly.

You noticed that I focused a lot on the Potty because it is crucial for Frenchie training, and I want you to remember it all the time.

9. Teaching Principles are Important

It might be tempting to train your dog with new and excellent skills to impress your family.

If you included these words in your Frenchie training, you would impress your family and neighbors!

As mentioned above, basic commands like:

  • Stop
  • Down
  • No
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Sit
  • Quiet
  • Leave it

You should master one command before moving on to the next.

You will slow the Frenchie training if you teach two instructions altogether or if you associate things up.

10. Make it Short

As intelligent canines, French Bulldogs will not tolerate if you told them the same thing again and over.

Instead of extended classes, you should schedule several short ones throughout the day to ensure that your students are engaged.

This tip will help your French Bulldog to become accustomed to them and know what to anticipate.

As sensitive canines, French Bulldogs are prone to becoming unhappy if they fail too many times.

11. No Biting, Please!

Did your French Bulldog puppy bite you before? 

Do not worry! Biting and chewing are normal. Your Frenchie is just playing with you since he chooses you to be his playing partner.

This is how puppies explore the world and learn what is excellent to eat and bad to consume.

Nevertheless, biting might become an issue as your pet grows up.

During Frenchie training, you might get bite, which is why you must understand how to educate them not to bite. To avoid biting, you must refrain from doing so.

Do not play with your Frenchie with your hands, and keep appropriate dog toys and chews available to divert your dog’s focus from you.

For a while, stop paying attention to your dog if he attacks you. Playing using teeth is not entertaining if he doesn’t have a partner to play with.

12. Leash Training to Ease Walking

French Bulldogs are inactive, but they require walk training.

Because of this, you must recognize how to train your Frenchie to walk on a leash.

The secret to leash training is to practice at home first before taking your dog outside:

  • Allow your Frenchie some time to get used to the collar, and encourage him to play while keeping him entertained.
  • Hold the collar and keep it lightly once your French Bulldog is used to the harness.
  • Avoid overworking your dog, or you’ll have to carry it back.
  • Be sure to provide plenty of goodies, praise, and encouragement to make it a pleasurable experience.

French Bulldogs cannot breathe very well, and often the simple exercises can get them tired.

You should avoid:

  • Long training sessions
  • Negative reinforcement
  • Training in hot or cold weather
  • Overfeeding your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs can be an excellent companion and perfect for beginners.

However, French Bulldogs have a stubborn side, and it is vital to establish your rules and stick to them.

Moreover, do not forget that your French Bulldog puppy needs socialization to grow into a favorable dog.

14. Here Comes the Reward!

Your Frenchie will become confused if you praise him hours after he has performed the deed, and you will appear unreliable.

When your French Bulldog obeys your orders, you just have a few precious seconds to reward him.

Creating a positive association between conduct and a reward is essential.

What if your French Bulldog misbehaves, too? Your French Bulldog will not stop if you did not detect him in the act.

If you reprimand your Frenchie for something they do not understand, he will get frightened.

You must tell NO to your dog when he is misbehaving.

Meet Stella! She’s a good and loyal dog!

15. Frenchie Training Advice

For the advice, I want you to make sure you have enough time to spend with your Frenchie puppy so he could learn much from you.

Also, keep him under your constant observation at all times. He still does not know the house rules and might injure himself as a result.

Besides, do not penalize him for his accidents because it will just make things worse. Praise and positive reinforcement can help puppies learn even faster.

Moreover, for Frenchie pups, they have a weak bladder control. So, ensure to take your Frenchie to pee after drinking water. Not only will this reduce the number of accidents in the house, but it will also help in the toilet training process.

Take your Frenchie to the toilet if you notice him sniffing around.

In addition, reward him promptly once he has completed his tasks. It takes a long time for puppies to form the link between the treat and going inside.

Learn some free & additional Frenchie training tips for puppies

The Frenchie puppy over there looks angry and hungry to play! Don’t you think so?


I would like to say that Frenchie training is a bit challenging and require some patience. If you follow those instructions and tips, you will be able to train your Frenchie efficiently.

Perform the right decision will make your French Bulldog behave well. However, making the wrong choice will make your dog’s attitude worst. What I mean is you have to know when the time is right you have to praise him. Nevertheless, if he misbehaves, you have to do the right thing but not hurt his emotions.

Last but not least, when you act smart, you will reap exceptional results.

So, how did you interact with the Frenchie training instructions? Did you solve your problems or stick with something?  

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to ask contact me.