French Bulldog eating habits

French Bulldog eating habits should consist of Raw, Wet, and Dry diet – for diversifying nutrients and maintaining a healthy body, and not only that but also vegetables and fruits as treats. However, some foods are toxic, and you must avoid feeding them. 

What Times Should You Feed Your French Bulldog? 

French Bulldog eating habits should consist feeding at the exact times. Healthy eating habits are essential for everyone, humans, and pets. Eating at a specific time or following an exact eating time and adapting it as a habit can bring great results for your Frenchie and everyone. 

Feeding your Frenchie in the morning, around 7 am, is significant. Maybe 8 am if you are a bit lazy, but you have to know that they became starving after 12 hours, and you need to calculate that. 

The lunch meal is about midday while dinner is at 6 pm. The dinner is at 6 pm, and the breakfast is at 7 am, so in between the two meals is 13 hours which is acceptable. 

If you follow those feeding times daily, your Frenchie will acquire a healthy eating habit. But you have to feed him healthy meals and avoid feeding poisonous foods.

Providing French Bulldog Eating Habits with High-Quality Food

One of the French Bulldog eating habits is High-Quality foods. High-quality foods are assorted and consist of lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, zinc, minerals, calcium, sodium, calories, and complex carbohydrates

All mentioned nutritious provide the body with all necessities. 

Calories, for example, nourish the body with energy – the energy to play, be active, digest and absorb. 25 Calories daily per one pound of Frenchie’s weight is sufficient. 

Complex carbohydrates also provide good energy and contain fiber, starch, sugar, and vitamins.

You will find those nutrients in raw, wet, and dry diets along with some fruits and vegetables. But you have to avoid some toxic veggies and fruits – I will talk about that too.  

  • Eating Raw Diet

French Bulldog eating habits should consist Raw foods, such as raw meats. But only slightly and the tiniest amount. Because raw meat contains bacteria, which is harmful, I wouldn’t feed that to my Frenchie. 

Raw eggs are safe, but it’s not enough for the Frenchie, and there should be nutritional dietary. Yogurt also is acceptable for only small quantities. 

You should avoid feeding chocolate to your Frenchie. I’m sure you read that before! I actually didn’t know that before, and I had a dog, and the reason I didn’t give him chocolate, not because it’s poisonous to him, but it’s precious to me. Thank God, it ended up well. Selfish sometimes can be good. 

Other Raw foods can be Beef, Chicken, and Turkey but never feed it raw fish because it has a dangerous parasite that can poison your Frenchie. Cooked Salmon is great, but without pepper, nor salt or oils, neither onion, garlic, and without bones. 

  • Eating Wet Food

Wet foods are easy for French Bulldogs to chew – Your Frenchies even do not need to chew it – just swallow it directly. The wet diet is mushy and often combined with fresh veggies and soft meat. 

It’s also hydrated, so you don’t have to water your obstinate Frenchie every time. And you can mix wet foods with kibble – it would make a smoother, delicious, and healthier couple of a dish.

But when you feed him wet food, you should brush his teeth (or take him to the vet) weekly or daily- I prefer twice daily, if you can do it yourself. French Bulldog eating habits also must contain dry foods to empower their teeth and benefit from other nutrition.

  • Eating Dry Diet

Your French Bulldog eating habits could consist of homemade meals, high-quality kibble, and canned foods. But I wouldn’t recommend you feed your Frenchie kibble excessively because it’s harmful.  

High-quality dry foods will benefit your Frenchie with many nutrients, proteins and satiate him. 

Dry food also comprises various nutrients, like grains -Grains supply your Frenchie with antioxidants, carbohydrates, fat – it supports skin and immune systems. Besides, dry foods contain meat, vitamins, minerals, and byproducts – byproducts are great protein and nutrient sources. 

You also have to provide veggies and fruits nourishment to French Bulldog eating habits.

Providing Vegetables

Some veggies are excellent for your French Bulldog eating habits; they are healthy and full of nutrients.

Green beans, for example, are great! Vets advise green beans because they are a good source of protein, iron vitamins(A, B6, K, C), calcium, and minerals. However, they contain low calories – Green beans are great for Frenchies’ weight loss, but you shouldn’t surpass 10% of their daily diet. And it doesn’t matter whether you feed it to your dog cooked, raw, or canned, all safe.  

I also recommend carrots (in small pieces), spinach, celery, squash (without seeds or skin), and pumpkin. They all possess many healthful vitamins, fiber, minerals, and low calories

Last but not least, we still have fruits to talk about! You can feed your Frenchie Brussels sprouts, which contain vitamin C, K, and minerals to keep your Frenchie healthier and strong. However, it will cause an excessive gas situation in your doggy stomach! Yeah, dear reader, it will make him a farting Frenchie. Feed him only with a small quantity, unless you want to hear his funny sounds, feed him a lot. 

Enough veggies! Let’s see what else you can include in French Bulldog eating habits. I bet you’ll find the next part so delicious.

Providing Fruits

Some fruits are a good choice to include for French Bulldog eating habits. Fruit nourishes Frenchies with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber to improve their health and hydrate them. However, fruits contain a lot of sugar, so a small quantity of fruits is recommended. 

You are allowed to feed him Blueberriesraspberries, and strawberries, but only with a small portion. 

Bananas are high in potassium and copper but also in a small quantity – feed him Bananas as a treat and only a half or less a day. 

Apples are good, with small amounts, but without seeds, please – seeds are toxic! 

It is also nice to feed him Cantaloupe in moderation. Cantaloupe contains low calories and high fiber, and water. But always remember to remove seeds and rinds (I know you know that!) And feed him the pure eaten side of the Cantaloupe only as a treat.

Watermelon is a nutritious and hydrating treat. Seedless, of course, watermelon can help support immune system health, but too much will cause a tummy ache. Only a small amount is recommended.

Cooked Meal

French Bulldog eating habits should also contain a healthy and cooked meal.

What Should You Avoid Feeding Your Frenchie?

You must avoid feeding these vegetables and fruits or foods if you don’t want your precious dog to die.

Garlic, Onion, Grapes, Raisins, Avocados, Cherries, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Nuts, Chocolates. I also read, Alcohol! I wonder, I know it will poison the dog, but what’s was really surprised me is does anyone water their dogs with Alcohol?! Some idiots might do that! 

I don’t want to make the article too long; that’s why I picked up for you to read the “30 Poisonous Foods to Dogs.” Only if you are interested in reading more about toxic foods.

You might also want to check the top 10 Frenchie foods I wrote, it’s interesting!


To conclude, French Bulldog eating habits must contain variety and diversify foods in moderation. You Frenchie must eat a bit of raw, wet, dry, and veggies foods to maintain your dog healthier. While it is preferable to feed some fruits as treats in small quantities.