french bulldog potty training issues

French Bulldog potty training issues are a bit challenging to overcome. You can solve potty training issues with patience, consistency, & love. Forcing your French to do potty training will cause negative results. Punishing is also unacceptable, even if you are exhausted from cleaning up.

You’ll get a negative impact, and your Frenchie might be stressed and obstinated. Your dog may be afraid of you. Instead, be gentle, patient and notice the signs (like sniffing around) when your dog needs to relieve himself. 

As time passes, you will understand him and recognize his call of nature. Then when you learn his behaviors, take him immediately to the right place! There is also an important thing, which is the habitude.

The habitual tendency of doing something at the same time and place constantly. Your Frenchie will adapt to peeing in the exact location and time. You will be clever if you feed your Frenchie during exact times and with a specific amount. By that, you will predict their the toilet times.

Let us swim on the beach of knowledge and understand French Bulldog potty training issues and solutions.

1. French Bulldog Potty Training Issues & Solutions

Potty-training puppies might be difficult since they are stubborn. However, with proper training and patience, you can get an excellent result and solve your pet’s problem.

French Bulldog puppies are obstinate, just like their parents. Hence you should never force them to do undesired things. Read the following solutions to know why.

1.1 Consistency & Patience are a Crucial Key to Success

Tp avoid potty training issues, you must be patient. You will have to potty-train your French bulldog consistently, like every hour. Take your Frenchie to the bathroom every hour, patiently and constantly. In this way, your beloved will remember that and habituate to relieve himself in there.

1.2 Reward Your Frenchie When he/she Done it Right

Keep training and rewarding him every time he accomplishes his potty-train correctly. It is critical to provide your pet with love and attention every time he does a good job.

1.3 Check Your Vet Regularly

If your French Bulldog still has potty training issues, you might consult your veterinarian if you try all solutions. And going to the Vet continuously, monthly, will help you a lot – just don’t be lazy!

2. French Bulldog Potty Training issues You Must Avoid

One of the critical potty training issues and mistakes is accusing, shouting, or screaming at your dog so that he knows what he did. This is like you want to torture him! But this won’t work, and it will cause him to be stressed, afraid – fear can lead to aggression. And this won’t make the training to be successful.

Please do not shout at them if they make mistakes; I dislike seeing or knowing someone is yelling at his pet. Because to me, it’s unethical and never expects your pets to talk like you, but they can defend themselves in a way you might not like. But Frenchies are cute! They won’t attack you, but they will be frustrated. It can cause dogs to become even more stressed, resulting in even more commotion.

I know it is hard to curb your anger, but resist the impulse to yell at them. After all, why would a beautiful and intelligent human being like you make that expression! Such behavior will terrify the dog and damage its relationship with you. They will disrupt the potty-training procedure and make your child furious – to swallow your anger, you can meditate. Meditation twice a day will bring effective results.

Evade Ammonia Odor because it has a scent like urine or sweat. And pee contains a high concentration of Ammonia which is very acidic. So, if your pet smells it anywhere, he will immediately relieve himself. Keep your house clean every time you sweat or your pet’s pee. And you must avoid Dehydration because it can cause the Ammonia odor, and remember to drink more fluids.

3. Why Is My French Bulldog Peeing In My House Corners?

I won’t promote a magical product and say if you use it, it will make your dog pee on the toilet right away because there is no such magical product. Instead, I will tell you to be patient, gentle and give it some time. 

Your French Bulldog can hold his bladder for hours and will go through the night with no problems. However, potty training issues might occur due to stress, frequent urination, taking much water, and routine changes. As I said, you need to clean your house and take him hourly to the toilet and avoid stress.

3.1 Stress Can Cause Them to Pee Anywhere & Everywhere

One of the French Bulldog potty training issues is stress and fear. Dogs can also urinate inside the house in response to stress. Even before well-trained Frenchies, this one can appear out of nowhere.

Dogs, in general, can sometimes respond to stress by urinating inside the home. Your Frenchie can feel stress due to fear, sadness, anxiety, or frustration. Even in the well-trained Frenchies. And you will know that he feels stress because he is yawning, inactive, barking, or tucked ears and tail.

When a French Bulldog behaves unhappy, he may frequently pee on the house floor without any care.

According to dog behaviorists, this problem may happen after moving to a new house. And during stressful periods, a dog will mark its territory – or even be afraid to go outside.

And to solve stress problems, you need to do some exercises together. Walking around parking, playing with your Frenchie using toys. And the purpose is to make your Frenchie feel safe and happy.

3.2 Frequent Urination

Bladder infection, Age-related incontinence, or Blockage of the urethra can cause Frequent Urination and other cases you might want to see here.

3.3 Excessive Water Intake

Drinking too much water might cause urination in your French Bulldog. The general guideline for Frenchies is to drink one ounce of water for every pound of body weight every day.

Excessive water consumption and excretion of urine are inextricably linked. The bladder fills up faster and more frequently, resulting in full puddles. You can read more about this here.

3.4 Routine Changes

A stable routine may make French bulldogs or dogs happy. Nevertheless, an unstable routine might create odd behavior and make your dog awkward and stressed.

Maintain as much consistency in their schedule and environment as possible. Dogs rely on good routines, and any deviation can cause behavioral changes.

4. Why Is My French Bulldog So Hard to Potty Train?

I know that cleaning over and over is hard and beyond that. However, potty training issues can happen if you might punish your dog for doing that inside the home is even worse and disallowed. 

And since your Frenchie is obstinate, you will undoubtedly have negative impacts. And you know that this will make your pet fear – and that’s not what you want, right!

Pets are unique and intelligent; they can grow while acquiring the ability to learn fast, but this differs from one to another.

The solution is to aim for the habit of habituating. If your French Bulldog gets used to relieving himself in the exact place, you won’t trouble yourself doing that over and over. But the key to acquiring the habit is by doing it consistently every day. For pets, I recommend you take them to the toilet hourly.

5. French Bulldog Potty Training Tips

French bulldogs are intelligent canines who quickly develop habits. Because puppies have a smaller bladder than adults, they will regularly urinate themselves, and it is normal. But you must be careful!  

You can put him in a crate and clean it multiple times. Frenchies prefer to retire to a clean and safe place.

Spend some time sitting and talking with your dog; Ignore his whining after you leave. The crate will benefit and help your Frenchie to avoid peeing in his sleeping space. And remember that your puppy will need to pee every 4 to 8 hours.

You must be on the lookout for warning indications and bring him to the bathroom. And give him good praise and treat for performing his job well.

Also, you have to clean his indoor messes. Because, you know! If your dog detects the Ammonia odor, he will most likely relieve himself in the same spot. French Bulldog Potty Training issues French Bulldog Potty Training issues


As we discussed, first, I hope you didn’t drown! Anyway, French Bulldog potty training issues can occur due to stress, routine change, beat or forced to do something, and smell the Ammonia odor. 

And one effective way you might know, maybe the problem is not with your puppy, perhaps you. So dear reader, without offending, in a case you tried everything, be careful not to hurt your dog’s emotions or yell at him. 

I hope you have at least an idea to solve your pet problem and if you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact me.