Basic training for dog

Do you want to make life easier with your dog and be the boss? You have to learn at least one basic training for dog, and he or she will understand and obey your order.

Basic training for dog is crucial and important as it can bring a lot of pleasure to your life.

To empower your relationship, you have to master some basic training for dog.

You don’t have to worry because I’m here to teach you how to train your dog in a very detailed way, along with videos.

By finish reading the article, you will know how to train SITLIE DOWNCOMESTAYLEAVE IT, and HEEL.

How Basic Training For Dog Is Important?

It is prominent for both of you. You shall say the command, and your dog understands and respond to it. On many opportunities, you wanted to command your dog to do or not to do something. But you couldn’t. And, assumably, your dog didn’t understand how to respond. So, by applying one of the basic training for dogs, he will comprehend, and you will be happy.

I got you some important commands that are manageable and feasible to train your dog. By mastering those training, your relation with your dog would be promising and intriguing.

1. How to Train a Dog to SIT

SIT command is one of the basic training for dog that you will have to teach to him.

There are a few steps to train your dog to SIT.

Take your time and be patient. Eventually, your dog or puppy will understand your command and master it.

Let’s start one by one. Shall we!  

  1. Put some treatments in your bag for the training.
  2. By now, you are ready to start training SIT command (Be gentle, patient, and intelligent).
  3. Bring your dog for the training and do as exact as the video showed below.
  4. Tell your beloved dog to look at you. While he is staring at you, raise the treat above his head and let him sit. The moment he sat, feed him the treat. 
  5. Redo it again with another treat and say, “Sit.”
  6. After your dog finished the command successfully, praise and give him a reward, then tell him that he is done positively. 
  7. You can tell him a positive word “Well done” or “Great boy/girl” or “Right” positive words like that (with a smile supported with your charming emotions).
  8. Your positive word, praise, and emotions reveal to your dog that he did what you wanted. 
  9. Repeat those steps a few times for almost 9 minutes.

Your dog will grasp that you want to feed him if he SITs.  By giving him treats, your dog will respond by hearing you saying SIT.  After much training, you won’t need to provide him treats to SIT; just say SIT, and he will do.

He will precisely know what you expect from him. He will learn to link your command with the act.

2. How to Train a Dog to Lie Down?

LIE DOWN is also great basic training for dog. Commanding your dog to lie down on the floor will assist you with many things. 

As such, having a conversation outside with someone and you want him to lie down. Also, using the ATM and sitting in the park, etc. 

Teaching “lie down” is a bit challenging and is closer to SIT training, only this time, you will let him lie down, then give him the treats. After your dog apprehended how to sit, he can learn the “lie down” command better once sitting.

You have to follow these steps to succeed in the training.

  1. As usual, keep the treats in the bag and reveal one to your dog so he can see it.
  2. As shown in the video, your dog must be trained sitting first, then let him sit first before feeding him.
  3. Raise the treat, and let him sit, then put your hand on the floor. 
  4. If he totally lied down, give him the treat, and praise him each time he succeeded.
  5. You can redo it again, but this time you have to say, “LIE DOWN” command every time you put your hands on the floor.
  6. By repeating this training, your beloved dog will be able to lie down without putting your hand on the floor, just by saying the word.

Maintain the training for 9 minutes. 

Your dog will apprehend that when you lay your hand on the floor, it means that he needs to lie down. (Because if he didn’t lie down, he won’t eat the treats.) 

3. How to Train a Dog to Come?

How would you feel when your dog is following you wherever you go?

After you trained this command to your precious dog, I prefer you to answer the question! So, I guess you know it’s also necessary basic training for dog.

With training, your dog will follow whenever you called him. If you have a French Bulldog or any dog, training him to COME to you is an essential command.

You need to train your dog this command so he will be more loyal and discipline.

  1. First, you need to have some treats in your bag. 
  2. Second, you have to backward, then call your dog using the command “COME” in a charming way.
  3. Third, when your dog gets to you, feed him the treat and praise him.

You can increase the distance between you and your dog, then call him. 

Also, you can invite someone to help you with the training for more efficiency. Your partner can hold him while you can go somewhere far, then call your dog, and he will eventually respond to your charming voice.

Once your dog is responded to you, you will have to reward, pet, and praise him.  Practice COME command several times and always offer rewards, treats, and praise. 

I want to mention a crucial notion. You might command your dog to come to you, but with no response from him. I recommend you to walk away and command him to come, and whatever happened, don’t go towards him.  After all, you want him to follow you, not you following him.

However, if your dog didn’t respond to your command, I don’t recommend you scold him. Because if you do, he won’t respond to you. 

Your dog should desire to come to you, so you will reward and praise him, but not for punishment.

4. How to Train a Dog to Stay?

STAY command also is crucial basic training for dogs. But it is a bit hard to learn. Nevertheless, with this training, you will be able to successfully train STAY command. 

This command is valuable and can help you a lot. Also, it would be suitable to train “LIE DOWN” first, and then you can move to the “STAY” command. 

Because LIE DOWN command won’t guarantee you that he won’t follow you. 

Instead, he will only lie down, while stay will teach him not to follow you. 

  1. Put some treats in your bag as a starter. 
  2. Command your dog to LIE DOWN.
  3. Lay your palm hand in front of your dog (stopping him from moving). It would ease the training since your dog can understand your body language.
  4. Take one step back slowly for 2 seconds and return to your dog.
  5. For each time you return to your dog, give him a treat and praise him.
  6. This time you have to stand in front of your dog and command him to STAY, so he can learn it. And repeat the process while saying STAY.
  7. By the time you can take two, three, four, or more steps back and extend the time. No need to rush, and take your time, be patient and gentle.

Ultimately, your dog can stay long while you can go out of his sight. In return, reward him a lot of treats, praise, love, and petting…

5. How to Train a Dog to Leave it?

LEAVE IT is also basic training for dog and can save his life from eating corrupt and dangerous things.

  1. To get ready, you need to have some treats in handy. 
  2. Command your dog to SIT  and feed him while he sat.
  3. Put a piece of treat on the floor. This will tempt him a lot. But don’t allow him to eat him. You can cover it with your hands.
  4. As your dog is willing to eat it, say “LEAVE IT” steadily but not rudely. 
  5. Then you will have to give him the treat, and that’s when he will look at you then praise him. 

Practice this training in a short amount of time.

6. How to Train a Dog to Heel?

HEEL command is a bit challenging, and I see it’s top-level among all of what we say about basic training for dogs. But before you start training this command, you should be master a specific command beforehand.

So, before starting “HEEL” training, first you must train your dog how to “SIT.” 

And to train your dog how to HEEL, you will have to go through three main steps.

Step 1: Seduction Into Situation.

In this step, you need to lure your dog, and you want him to stand next to your left heel.

  • To do this, hold a treat on your hands (Sure, you can gather many treats).
  • You will have to swing your hand and let your dog stand in the heel position, then give him the treat with lovely praise. (Holding the treat and turning your hand will lure your dog to follow it). 
  • Every time you swing your hand, say the command “HEEL.” 
  • You can redo it if your dog doesn’t stand in the heel position; you just have to stand in front of him.

Step 2: Forward Movement

Now that you trained your dog to be in the heel position, you can walk forward.

  • Instead of sitting tight, you can step further.
  • You have to redo everything you did earlier, only this time, walk one step forward.
  • In the beginning, take one step forward, and you can gradually step further. 
  • When your dog followed you, and took the heel position, treat and praise him.

Step3: Leash From the Distraction

You can go through this step if your dog is distracted a lot or not following you. 

Also, it can help you with further steps. 

  • You can leash your dog and hold it while keeping the treat and allowing your dog to follow you.
  • This time, you don’t have to let your dog sit. You can walk 4 or 5 steps, then treat and praise him. 

There are many steps in this video, but I preferred to talk about the main steps. Feel free to practice all the steps.


Those basic training for dogs will build confidence and strengthen the connection between you and your beloved dog.

You have to be patient while training your dog. Never be hasty and ever be angry. On the other hand, your dog wants you to teach him in a lovely and funny way. And whenever he or she succeeds, give him a treat and praise.

So, I wish everyone to succeed in training their dogs these commands and live happily together.
If you have any problem, mail me and I’ll be happy to solve your problem.