Potty Training Dog

I found out that early french bulldog potty training is more manageable than late training. 

With early training, puppies will adopt it faster. 

While late training, old Frenchies will try to abandon the old habit and learn the new method. But don’t worry about that – I’m here to help you to potty-train your Frenchie even older.

Keep in mind that endearment and reward will ease and fasten the process. However, it is not recommended to force potty training Frenchie.

Follow the guidelines below, and your french bulldog potty training will be manageable, easy, and funny. I will start with some questions first, so you can understand and be prepared to learn the steps, then the steps, but you can jump over and read the steps first if you like.

1. How to Potty Train a French Bulldog

It is vital to supervise and look out for your Frenchie every time and help him to adapt to going to the toilet.

You have to start potty training your puppy from 12 to 16 weeks old, but it is ok if he is older. Everything will be manageable once you adapt it. The potty train can be challenging initially, but eventually, you will find it comfortable.

French Bulldog potty training might be difficult for both of you. However, it will be simple when you adapt it, and with some guidance, you will all be good and happy.

Your Frenchie may go to various places just to relieve himself. 

You need to understand him (I mean his body language and sounds,) then you will apprehend when it’s time to take him out to the potty.

He will clearly start sniffing the floor, circling, whining, or scratching at the door. 

He will also return to the spot where he relieved himself previously.

To succeed in potty training, you required supervision and patience. 

French bulldog potty training will take from 4 to 6 months to be fully trained, but some Frenchies, specially stubborner, will take longer.

Whenever your puppy succeeds, reward him with good treats. 

2. Is Potty Training a French Bulldog Easy?

French Bulldogs are a bit stubborn to potty train, yet with patience and habit, you will succeed. And I recommend potty training Frenchie as soon as possible. You want him to adapt the habit of relieving himself in the right place as many times as possible. 

They are tenacious yet gentle pets with friendly characters, and they yearn to please you, dear reader, as an owner. 

A few puppies could be a bit stubborn but eventually will learn how to potty training Frenchie.

3. How Old Do You Potty Train Your Puppy?

You could start your French Bulldog potty training between 12 and 16 weeks old. As the experts said, “puppies will control bowel movements and bladder more efficiently.” That will help them understand where to go, your command, and control their bladder better (Am talking about Frenchies, not Experts!).

4. How To Potty Train an Old Dog?

Follow all the steps above. For adult dogs, you have to follow a training routine and know when he needs to use the bathroom.

Try to take him outside if your dog is used to it.

If there is any problem, try to understand the cause. This will support you in potty train with empathy.

5. How to Start French Bulldog Potty Training?

As you know, Frenchies are clever, analytical dogs, and they can learn very quickly as they adapt to new habits. 

To succeed, you should start potty training your Frenchie the moment of bringing him home.

You have to put your Frenchie in the bathroom and let him sniffing and exploring it.

Your Frenchie puppy will adapt to going to the bathroom whenever he needs it.

French Bulldog puppies can hold it for 4 hours and 8 hours for adults. You have to take them to the bathroom to pee and poop a least 3-5 times daily till they adopt it.

6. Potty Training Frenchie Steps

Step 1: Use a Regular Schedule Routine

Regular schedule the toilet breaks for your puppy in the morning beginning, after eating dinner and drinking from the bowl. Then after playing for a long time, being in the crate or room, and before bed.

This is the easiest and simplistic way to get there soon.

Schedule potty training puppies is the key to adapt an attitude. And understanding when they should go to the toilet.

Step 2: Pay Attention To The Toilet Signs (warning indications)

When you get to know your French bulldog, you will observe the signals that they must go to the toilet.

Signs are like sniffing around, pacing and circling around a place, whining and barking aloud, and staring at you.

Those signs will remind you to pay attention as you have besides routine and the time you had.

Step 3: Use a Pad or Walk Outside

French Bulldog Potty Training
Outside French Bulldog Potty Training

If you hear one of those signs, you should directly take him to the bathroom, and you can use either potty pads or walk outside.

It is a good idea if you have outdoor access so your Frenchie can relieve himself outside. If not, build a spot in your home where he will relieve himself. 

A crate will be a good idea too, particularly during the night. And if you use puppy training pads, it will be easier.

Step 4: Teach Him a Word To Recognize

Teaching your Frenchie a command is significant and easy. If you want to potty training Frenchie efficiently, is tell him “POTTY” or “TOILET” or “GO TOILET.”

To adapt it, you need to say this command when your Frenchie begins to pee or defecate on the training pad.

It will take some time for them to learn how to use peeing for this command. But with your patience and persistence, they will learn it.

Step 5: Don’t encourage to pee during playtime.

Your Frenchie is probably looking forward to playing with you outside.

If you are trying to potty-train him, leave him at least 3–5 times a day in a bathroom break.

Command your Frenchie to go to the potty and reward him after every accomplishment.

Once the command is adjustable, it is all right to play while on a toilet break.

Step 6: Offer A Reward When Accomplishing

When your puppy is accomplished from the toilet, you can reward him with some treats. 

You can reward your puppy with treats like petting, praise, toy, and/or food. 

This will positively reinforce good behavior and lead to quicker results. 

Step 7: Potty Training Frenchie Places.

You may potty training your Frenchie in various places outside the home.

You can take your Frenchie to the potty in several spots like the grass and allow him to do it proudly in the allowed places not police station!.

By using this, your Frenchie will be adapt and understand that relieving in such spots is allowed.

You can see more and understand what I’m talking about and learn more how to potty-train your Frenchie to pee outside.

Potty Train Puppy Using The Bell System 


French Bulldog potty training is not that hard to achieve, yet not so easy. Frenchies have a great personality, and potty training will be funny and full of emotions.

It just requires your patience and to follow a routine while keeping everything in a lovely way.

Notice your dog’s signs and act as fast as possible and reward him after every achievement.

I know you have something on your mind! It might be a problem, question, or clarification about potty training Frenchie, right! Then mail me, and I will gladly answer you.