French Bulldog personality traits

I would love you to read about the French Bulldog personality traits because you will learn a few things that would help you know your Frenchie.

The French Bulldog has a funny personality and has enormous spirit energy inside. Children love them because of their small size and entertaining nature and characteristic. Also, their miniature size makes them gentle, cute, and their eyes give a quiet feeling when you look at them.

The French Bulldog can lure your attention and calm you even if you are in a bad mood. The French Bulldog could bark only to attract your attention to play with or be excited to do something. 

1. Being With

The snorer Frenchie favors spending time in the house. Yeah, I know because I noticed they are most active in the home while getting your attention, yet they look shy or inactive outside. 

The French Bulldog is ideal for people who have a loving spirit. And since you read this article, I’m ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent sure you have that lovely spirit. Dear reader, you are reading this because you care and love them, while Frenchies are eager and passionate about a person like you. 

2. Temperament

French bulldogs are sensitive and attractive, and they also love to amuse themselves. They are excited to play with each other, have fun with toys and with humans. And when it comes to training, Frenchies would love to have a gaming train accompanied by treatments and good praises. Gaming train is like when they think it is a funny training, not distressed. 

3. Describing the French Bulldog Personality Traits

They have spirited personalities, Frenchies are also excited to play and win. They are kind and lovely to live with and friendly with other pets and children.

4. Defining the Frenchies Role in the House 

Their role is to eat and sleep! What else did you expect! Just kidding! They enjoy and accompany us and could make such fantastic friends with us. Besides, they will help you feel accompanied and kick the loneliness away.

5. Are They Angry?

I couldn’t say yes, for sure, but maybe, like any adolescent child, if you didn’t provide them with food, then they are going to throw a raucous party, just like the video. He is angry because he didn’t eat a lot like he used to.

A pretty boy with a chubby belly!

6. How Do Frenchies Take the Blame?

Well, when Frenchies have done something wrong, they will show a very innocent look on their face. It’s like a sinner who regretted and tried to ask for forgiveness. And you will see a calm and long quietness accompanied by deep sympathy. Just like the video, it’s okay, boy, I forgive you!

7. Do They Love To Play?

They are excited and seemingly want to talk and express their emotions when you start talking with them. Playing sumo is their favorite hobby! But once the weaker is defeated, he would be upset, and the winner would be motivated and enthusiastic. 

However, again, the loser will forget everything and start over. It’s sportsmanship! Or sportsdogship using their vocabulary. And the winner won’t forget and begin acting like a champion. Unfortunately, their flattened noses make breathing hard; otherwise, we could enjoy watching them playing for long. Do you feel me!? 


In brief, they are super gentle, friendly, and humble. You can’t easily find those traits on any domestic dog. Because each dog distinct with its own personality and unique traits. It would be inappropriate to call him a dog, but actually, he is a good boy to spend time with. French Bulldog personality traits are great and really meet our expectations and satisfaction. Frenchie is not only adorable and lovely but also friendly and helpful.

So, isn’t French Bulldog personality traits funny enough to thrill you!

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