french bulldog for adoption

Do you want to adopt a French Bulldog but you have no idea what to do and where to start? I’ll tell you all you need to know in 4 questions.

Frenchies need your care, love and are adorable yet affordable. You might also want to adopt a French Bulldog puppy too! But before you do that, you have to read some instructions first, before adopting one.

Stay with me, and you will comprehend where to look, why you have to adopt a French Bulldog, how much, and what are instructions you should do.

Where Can You Adopt a French Bulldog?

Look for online or local shelters and check for their Google review that’s the best you can do if this is your first time it is crucial to do so and know their background. 

I prefer to use Petfinder, which is a helpful searchable website for homeless pets to adopt. If you are located in the US, Mexico, or Canada, access Petfinder and search for the nearest pet you desire. 

Read their instructions and ask relevant questions like the transport fees, additional fees, or costs. And you must receive the adoption contract before finalization and payment. 

You can read more questions that you need to ask the person you want to adopt from him, and transport questions – and more crucial guidance, questions.

Why Would You Adopt a French Bulldog?

Adopt a French Bulldog

Adopting a Frenchie is your decision – I’m here to help you determine and put dots on the letters. 

Ethically, it is a great decision to adopt a pet in general because you will grant him a new life, care, and tenderness.

Materially, it is cheap, and you might buy an affordable Frenchie that is worth a higher cost. However, to me, adoption is not about cheap or expensive, but humanity.

How Much the Adoption Cost?

The adoption cost can vary from one shelter to another. It depends on factors like health, care, food.

The French Bulldog adoption cost is between $400 to $900, depending on the color and gender. Females are much expensive than males.

And the cost is aside from its feeding and medical fees. You knew that right! Because you might want to calculate vet checkups, insurance, and foods fees, once you bring it to your home.

What Should You Do Before You Adopt a French Bulldog?

Before you adopt a French Bulldog, you have to read about its breed, colors, health, background, and cost priory – especially if you know nothing about them.

It is sensible to know, at least, a few things about anything before purchasing it, whether it’s a dog, pet, or laptop. On the other hand, adopting a pet is also like having a newborn – you buy the equipment, read books, acquire knowledge, and prepare the room.

You should also pick up a trustworthy seller or breeder. If it is a local shelter, check the dog and ask if it holds any disease. Read the breed instruction thoroughly if it’s an online organization.

What I’m afraid of is the illness! After the reception, you must take your Frenchie to the vet right away for vaccination and examination.


So, those instructions are the meanest guidance you need to know before adopt a French Bulldog. To adopt a French Bulldog, you have to learn more about it, take your time, understand what you need, ask the right questions, and then buy whatever you like. And the adoption is inexpensive compare to purchase.

After the digestion of the above instructions, you will be good to go, and Congratulations to your new family member. If you have any question, feel free to contact me!