white french bulldog colors

Do you want to know what kind of French bulldog colors you should get? I will tell you about four registered colors and five questions you should know before buying one.

Frenchies have various colors – Akc recognized only original and purebred colors, while crossbred and hybrid colors are not. Is that matter? Yeah, it matters.

Let’s see what colors are allowed and what not. What are the prices of the recognized colors, and what should you get. And why recognized colors matter.

1. What Type Of French Bulldog Colors Should You Buy?

You can get whatever Frenchie color you love among many colors. 

It’s your decision to make. After all, any Frenchie you get, he or she will live with you and make a happy family together. But you might change your mind after reading this article.

You can decide whatever you like, but once you understand my point of view.

2. What Do You Have to Know Before You Get Any Frenchie Colors? 

Before you get any Frenchie color, know that some are registered while others are not. Do you care about that! Well, the more information you have, the better knowledge you will have. 

I want you to understand the difference between recognized and unrecognized Frenchie. 

So, based on what I apprehend, recognized Frenchies have to be only purebred or true bloodline. 

And recognized Frenchies must have their parents to be recognized as the same goes for their grandparents.

3. How Many Kinds of French Bulldog Colors Are Registered? 

Purebred French Bulldog colors are “brindlefawnwhitebrindle, and white,” as stated by Akc. 

And to have your Frenchie’s papers, it must be recognized first. Some Frenchies didn’t have their papers. It’s because AKC didn’t register them, and to do so, you must have a purebred French Bulldog. Otherwise, it won’t be registered. 

After registration of your purebred Frenchie with Akc, you will get your certification, and you will have to fill registration paperwork.

4. Do Recognized French Bulldog Colors Matter or Not? How About Unregognized Colors?

Recognized French Bulldog colors are crucial to registering your Frenchie, having the papers, and claiming your ownership legally.

But you can’t register some disqualified Frenchie colors. As stated by AKC, “Disqualifying Frenchie colors are solid black, black and tan, black and white, white with black, blue, blue fawn, liver, and merle.” Also, you can’t register Fluffy French bulldogs because they are hybrid, not purebred.

Recognized Frenchie colors are significant to be registered and have their papers. AKC disallowed registration of some unrecognized Frenchie colors. That’s far I know. Maybe there is a way to register a non-recognized French Bulldog color, but I don’t know, and if I learn something, I will certainly update this section. 

5. What Are Frenchies Colors I Suggest You

AKC recognized these French Bulldog colors and are from the lower to the higher costs.

 BrindleFawnWhiteBrindle, & White
French Bulldog Colors & Costs From lower to Higher Ranges
  • Lower 
White French Bulldog

You can get a White Frenchie if you aim at a lower cost. Their costs range from $1,800 to $5,500. You can also find a cheap Fawn Frenchie to adopt for $1,800 to $4,000.

  • Minimum 

For the minimum budget, I suggest you the Brindle color – it costs $3,000 to $8,800. And by any luck, you might find someone at a lower cost. 

  • High 

If you want an expensive Frenchie, get a mixed Brindle & White color or a Fawn French bulldog. Brindle & White costs $2,500, others about $3,500, while their maximum price is $8,800. 


The prices here are not fixed, so I’ll keep you updated. Maybe you won’t find the exact Frenchie prices here. But, at least, I’m providing you with reasonable costs. 

I saw numerous Frenchies for sale, and I apprehended the expenses. The breeders can change prices whenever demand is high and cut costs whenever demand is low.


I know you will jump directly to the conclusion; that’s why I will make it very important to express something painful.

But, to conclude, first, French Bulldog Colors are various, each color with a specific price. AKC can only register recognized colors but not the non-recognized ones. You have to register your Frenchie – it’s crucial to get the legal papers and claim your ownership. And I think the moment you buy a Frenchie or a dog, you will get his papers and pedigrees, which is a must.

I want to express my sorrowful emotions. Some fake people might scum you online. Saying that they have French bulldogs for you and showing you their lovely pictures.

Then you will trust them because they have a beautiful and trusted-looking website. But it might be a fake website that appeared out of the blue. I read and learned some people get scammed while purchasing online. And I felt heartbreaking! That’s why I wanted to warn you here, dear reader. If you need to buy a Frenchie, walk to local breeders. You will have to stand right in front of the Frenchie, take a deep look – ask the breeder countless questions first, then think, decide, and buy.