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Do you know how French Bulldog can fascinate your life? The French Bulldogs can be exciting and lusty dogs. You need to know many interesting facts and how they can thrill our lives.

Dogs, in general, can effectively thrill your life if you consider these things.

  • Providing and feeding your dog with high-quality foods to be energetic.
  • Playing and walking around can help your dog to be dynamic.
  • Grooming and cleaning occasionally can please your dog.

There are important things I want to tell you about French Bulldog, things to do and not to. We will know about his background, behavior, treatments, personality, and much more.

Dear readers, please allow me to present you to our beloved friend, the French Bulldog.

1. Curriculum Vitae

  • Full Name: French Bulldog
  • Occupation: Watchdog
  • Hobbies: Like to be held. Following & licking you. Sleeping, napping, eating, and playfighting.
  • Size: Dwarfish
  • Height: 11-13 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Age: 10 to 12 sometimes to 13
  • Color Range: Cream, white, fawn, and brindle
  • Personality: Friendly and kindly
  • Familyfriendly & Other Pets: Positively & Absolutely!

2. Overview

French bulldog

If you like to have a dwarfish but longish lifespan dog, ​wrinkly but lovely, tenacious but gorgeous, unathletic but charismatic, then you are honored to meet the females’ lover, the French Bulldog.

These lovely dogs are fancy playing and snuggling in the knee of their owner (Especially with women!) That’s why we see that strong bond between them.

The French Bulldog is the appropriate choice for town residents.

It is exciting for women to accompany him around the neighborhood since the French Bulldog easy to walk with and only for a short distance.

You might take him for a short walk only twice a day, but do not insist if he refuses.

The French Bulldog would be lovingly and gladly if you kept him in limited places (home and park).

This pet dog has a peaceful character and makes wonderful accompanies for families.

It is easy to deal with and simply to satisfy.

The small muscular frame of the French bulldog makes them impressive but not aggressive.

3. Their Characteristic Is Adorable!

He is an intelligent and affectionate dog that wants and needs to stay with his owners the whole time.

The French Bulldog is a funny freethinker, but only if you provided him with feeding, praising, and playing.

The Frenchie shouldn’t be alone with the kids and infants.

Try not to leave young children alone with dogs.

Ensuring and assuring that your kids neither pokes nor harasses the dog is simply good sense.

When socialized with them, Frenchie can be good with other dogs and cats throughout their puppyhood.

However, the French Bulldog might be envious of other dogs, especially if you give too much attention to the other dogs. (Just like children! When you give attention to one of them, the other one will complain.)

4. What Should You Know About French Bulldog?

The French Bulldog is a famous dog breed known as the “Frenchie.”

You can easily understand why this charming Frenchie makes easy and loyal companions.

Before he was imported to France as ratting dogs for migrant laborers, Frenchies originated in Britain.

A Frenchie in Britain, dating back to the 1850s, may claim part of its age.

In some regions, the bulldog race is known as the Toy Bulldog and was popular.

Frenchie became the trendy dog, popular among Paris’ creative culture and represented in paintings of Parisian life by Degas and Toulouse Lautrec.

The race returned to Britain in the latter years of the 19th century.

However, it was the French Bulldog Club of England that was founded in 1902 amongst traditionalists.

The Kennel Club recognized the breed officially in 1906.

The race has witnessed a meteoric increase in popularity in recent years. The Frenchie ranked third in the UK in 2015.

He was charming and got his name from his unique nation as a cherishing pet (French people).

The Frenchie has involving in art and popular culture since then.

5. Their Physical Appearance Is! Find Out Yourself.

French bulldog

The Frenchie is lovable and adorable. Unlike other dogs, they may not have the same stunning power yet are charming glamour.

A unique body, a brachycephalic face with bat-like ears, French bulldog have a distinct body.

They are tiny, steady, very firmly, and allure a sturdy figure. However, French Bulldogs’ skin wrinkled around their shoulders and appearance.

Frenchies are available in several hues as Brindle, White, Cream, Fawn. However, they may have brindle designs or black masks as well. They have squished face and eyes marked by dark brown.

Their silky, glitzy skin only sometimes needs brushing and minor shedding.

Their construction is sturdy and small, around 30 cm tall and 10kg to 15kg in weight.

6. How Wonderful A Frenchie is?

Beautiful french bulldog 1

The zealous French Bulldog might be a fabulous companion.

If you are looking for a soulful distinguishing companion and family dog, the French Bulldog will suit your life.

  • Amuse almost all families
  • Little yet strong
  • Cranky, quirky, wacky character, and funny, though!
  • Curious and generous

French Bulldog is an indoor canine (He is a Homebody merely like me!) He is neither suited for the heat weather nor cats and other dogs. And we both lazy but not usually.

There might be symptoms when you left him alone because he worries about separation.

You will apprehend that when he makes several whines, whimpers, and whispers, and he could rumble or bark.

French Bulldog might be stubborn to train.

He could be tenacious and rebellious if you do not show vigorous leadership.

6.1 Their Behavior Is Cute!

French bulldogs are manageable and flexible canines that require to acquire new friends wherever.

They are incredible partners for individuals, couples as well as families.

These dogs are peaceful and thoughtful. They only bark when they sense that their family requires to be protected.

In this connection, if their favorite people encounter unfamiliar canines, they might be a bit aggressive.

Hence, initial socialization and education are crucial.

He is not a puppy for those who stay away for long periods because the Frenchie adores company.

A lonely French Bulldog will also demonstrate its discontent by destructive conduct such as digging and gnawing.

Make sure you arrange to house someone throughout the day, such as an ordinary pet sitter.

6.2 They Have A Unique Temperament

French bulldogs frequently distinguished themselves as chilled out but relish to play too.

They behave well with fellow animals, as long as they are properly socialized.

You can train your companion only if you feed him (How do you expect him to train on an empty stomach!).

They would discover training looks like a game and entertainment.

French Bulldogs have an unpleasant side, and they will require an owner that can laugh and stick steadfastly (patient and pleasant temperament) to their training strategy.

French Bulldogs require your love, and you will receive multiple licks in exchange! “My mom told me that dogs, in general, can sense the human souls if your soul is pure, they will love you, and the opposite is true.”

6.3 What About Living In A Home!

The French Bulldog is a social dog that can live in all houses with all families (Consider him as a member of your valuable family!).

They are good with kids and other animals as long as they receive enough attention!

French bulldogs may be sensitive to warm weather and, as temperature rises, they should be kept inside under air conditioning.

Keep various water bowls around the home to prevent heating.

7. Let Talk About Care, Exercise, & Diet Tips

  • Build a care plan so that your French Bulldog can remain longer, healthier, and chipper throughout his life.
  • You cannot exaggerate the importance of a correct diet and practice.
  • Monitor your pet just like you would a kid. Keep doors shut, collect yourself, and barricade your chamber.
  • She has modest toilet requirements. At least regularly, and brush her coat as necessary.
  • French Bulldogs typically have significant dental problems. Therefore, you will need to clean them four times a week!
  • Even like a dog, you have to clean his ears weekly.
  • Check his eyes and face wrinkles frequently. His skin and eyes may accumulate waste.
  • Since French Bulldogs great for living in apartments, they also need to spend their day on foot and play regularly indoors.
  • French Bulldogs are sensitive to warm temperatures. Avoid extended exposure and be very vigilant to heat stress indicators.
  • Feed him a high-quality diet.
  • Regularly exercise your dog but don’t exaggerate it.

7.1 Watch Seriously For This

Watch his food, make sure to brush his teeth, and clean his coat.

If something not right happened, go to the veterinarian to exam him.

The registration for pet health insurance is a crucial action in caring for your pet.

Health exams and treatments will likely take place over his lifetime, and pet health insurance will assist you to afford the charges.

Any odd symptoms may be an indication of severe illness or temporary issues.

What is crucial is that you can say when and how quickly to seek veterinary care.

Many illnesses lead dogs to have a specific symptom combination, which together might suggest a strong need for intervention from your French Bulldog.

8. Funny Facts U Mightn’t Heard Before

  1. Did you know that French bulldogs can FLY like birds!
  2. Did you know that they merely pretend to be inactive to let women took care of them!
  3. French bulldogs also like to swim, they are exceptional Base Jumpers!
  4. Did you know that French bulldog is a professional DJ expert! Watch the video below.

NOTE! One last thing before I forgot! Of course, they don’t fly like birds! Seriously, French Bulldogs are allowed to fly on an airplane in the cabin with passengers. However, they are disallowed to fly into the cargo area under the aircraft. (Check HERE for more details about flying with your French Bulldog)

8.1 Funny Moments with Our Cute French Bulldog, I promote you to watch!


There are not too many workouts for French Bulldogs, but they require everyday walks to keep them healthy (I’m sure the Frenchie would prefer a woman to walk with).

French Bulldogs don’t deal with heat quite well and have to be supervised on hot days, so they don’t exercise excessively.

It might be easy to teach French Bulldogs, yet they can be obstinate.

Be patient and firm in this race training.

If you expect the French Bulldog to be clean, he may not be your dog. Because he is likely to drool, float, and sometimes shed.

Since they are not extreme barkers, French Bulldogs provide outstanding apartment dogs.

The French Bulldog may perform well with the children. However, it is necessary to watch small children and canines together.

They also want to be the focus, which can lead to behavioral issues if over-indulgent.

When they have interact with people, they are accompanying dogs and thriving.

They are not a breed that can stay alone or live outside for lengthy durations.

So, yeah! That’s it! I hope you did enjoy it!

And if you are eager to know more about the French Bulldog, read our following article or read this great, and informative ARTICLE about our Frenchie friend!