French Bulldog Puppies

Caring and feeding are essential for the French Bulldog puppies to grow healthier.

Frenchies make a great family with us and get friendly with other animals.

However, it takes much care and suitable feeding to make our beloved dog a fabulous family member. 


Warmth is a necessary requirement for french bulldog puppies.

To help french bulldog puppies to be healthy, you have to provide drying and temperature. 


French bulldog puppies are sensitive to cold and can’t control their temperature until three weeks of age.

Dry your puppies using a clean cloth first, and put them nearby the heat lamp.

Note: You are not recommended to use a hairdryer! It does dehydrate your puppies and may cause burns.


French bulldog puppies don’t have enough warmth, and that’s why their moms keep them warm.

You have to check on them from time to time and see whether their mother is warming them or needs some help.

Anyhow, you should cautiously use heat like Heat Lamps which are perfect for french bulldog puppies. However, if puppies get hotter, extreme heat can lead to dehydration then death. 

Ensure that they are warm at a temperature over 85 degrees.

Ensure to provide a cooler place because your dogs may need it when they feel hotter.

You can also use Pet Thermometer to check if they are not too warm and for fever. 


Humidity should not be below 55% for the whelping area – the proportion of air-water should be 65%.

Install a hygrometer to monitor humidity near the whelping box.  

The air drys faster when the whelping box gets heated.

By putting humidifiers into the room, you may enhance relative moisture.

Birth to 1 Week Old

Puppies are yet breastfeeding from wombs which is the instinct.

You must warm and dry your puppies. You can hold a 95°F whelping box during the first week. 

It warms the pups and does not overheat the mother.

The puppies’ eyes are shut, and at this time, they can’t see or hear. Eating and sleeping is their principal purpose.

While their mom’s mission is to breastfeed them. Also, she licks the pups to take off urination and defecation.

In some cases, you must stimulate her if she does not lick them using a warm wet washcloth.

2 Weeks Old  

During the second week old, you can keep an 85°F (29.4°C) whelping box.

French Bulldog pups are still breastfeeding and sleeping and begin moving around.

They can open their eyes, yet at this stage, they cannot hear.

Their noise is stirring and mixing.

Jerking and twitching movements begin to decrease with mobility.

You must always clean and dry your pups, and you have to replace bedding frequently, approximately 2-3 times a day.

3 Weeks Old

As stated by wikiHow, in the third week, maintain the climate in the box at 75°F (23.9°C).

French bulldog puppies’ eyes are opening. As they start listening to the sounds and emotionally making noises.

They’re trying to shout, bark and whine their vocalizations.

You need to feed your French Bulldog puppies every 4-6 hours. Mother feels more safe leaving them for lengthy durations.

4 Weeks Old

Pups are still breastfeeding every four to eight hours. They also start playing with their brothers and sisters (Feel free to watch them and enjoy together).

They move out around the area, and now they need some spacious place. It is time for the whelping pen to expand.

You must have fresh green grass that is enclosed to urinating and defecating space for the puppies. This helps them to potty. 

5 Weeks Old

It’s time to add a dish of water. “And teach your puppies how to eat using a fork and a knife!”.

Use a small puppy feeding bowl with a maximum of 1/2-1 inch of water.

You may also use a water bottle.

6-8 Weeks Old

French Bulldog puppies are undergoing a social shift. At this point, they’re interested and don’t fear other creatures.

They study and explore their surroundings.

Puppies develop and coordinate their muscles and know their surroundings thoroughly.

Curious noises and things are the best moments to expose them to all that you can.

It is a hard job but worth every minute to provide a nice puppy companion.

You can start the potty training. Puppies return every time to the previous potty place.

9-12 weeks

At this point, pups become timid, and it is essential to socialize them properly during this period.

This is where they learn to trust other people and animals.

It is crucial to keep your puppy away from harm and ensure that you provide love, praise, and pleasure.


As we know, French Bulldog puppies get nutrients from their mother’s milk, as it is innate, but that’s not the case. 

There might be a problem with breastfeeding. Puppies might not latch milk for enough time due to the other puppies, while their mother can’t handle that.

For any reason, you need to check their weight daily and ensure they have a healthy weight (neither overweight nor underweight).

Let’s suppose they are underweight; you can provide them with supplements like using milk replacers for puppies.

If your french bulldog puppies are overweight, check this article.


In the first few weeks, overfeeding puppies cause illnesses such as reducing lifespan, obesity, and heart disease.

Due to overfeeding, your puppies will encounter digestion and bone growth issues – over time, their health will fail.

Measure feeding is better than feeding too little or much.

Bottle Feeding

You need to feed your puppies with bottles due to some reason.

Puppies’ mother might be sick or absent! (Yet, I’m not sure if she might be absent! Unless you take her somewhere, or she might be on a date with the husband!)

What I don’t wish is when the mother’s death and leaving her puppies. Anyhow, this is an unwanted reason to feed your puppies in the mother’s absence.

Also, if the mother is unwell, her body will not have enough milk to nourish her puppies, and you have to do it.

Feeding French Bulldog Puppies

You should know how often and how much to feed your puppies before feeding them.

In a small pet food bottle, pour the milk replacer and warm it in a saucepan of hot water to body temperature.

Before feeding your French Bulldog puppies, ensure you never fed your puppies cold or refrigerated milk.


Taking care of newborn French Bulldog puppies is a process that takes a lot of time and effort.

Make sure you are prepared to take care of the Frenchie puppies.

Also, in the first several weeks after they are born, remain patient with the puppies.