Get a french bulldog for Christmas

Do you want to get a French Bulldog and have no idea what to expect and what to do? 

To get a French Bulldog, you need to expect to do various things. And once you have it, you’ll have extra entertainment and enjoyment.  

So, what can you do to get a French Bulldog? And what to expect after having one?  

What Can You Do To Get A French Bulldog?

  1. First, you have to learn about them. Gather as much information as you can. Learn about Frenchie’s health, how to train them, what to feed and avoid, their problems, and how to take care of them. I talked about all you need to know in the previous articles.
  2. Second, you must check all Frenchie colors, prices – see what you like most and how much you can afford.
  3. Third, think twice before making your decision. You might take a fast decision and buy one, but later you might regret it, maybe I’m just saying, consider the following reasons.
  4. Forth, you can either be buying or adopting. I prefer adoption from trusted breeders because it’s inexpensive.
  5. Fifth, before you get a French Bulldog, you need to know and ask some crucial questions first.
  6. And last, I recommend you to see your Frenchie directly and check his health and decide if the pet suits you or not – and to check if there is something not good about it.

What Can You Expect After You Get A French Bulldog?

Expect to Have Insurance.

To you, is pet insurance worth it? Insurance is significant to cover the costs of your Frenchie’s health. French bulldogs, specifically, have many illnesses and problems. So, insurance would be inevitable.    

Expect to Visiting Vet Specialist.

Expect to visit a veterinarian monthly for health checkups. Your Frenchie will need annual vaccinations to examine multiple issues related to teeth, indigestion, skin and ear infections, etc. So, you need to check your vet to ensure your Frenchies are healthier and make them happier.

Expect to Pay For High-Quality Foods.

Provide multiple nutrients to prevent your Frenchies from undesired problems and make them healthy. You have to feed them nutritious and various foods like veggies, fruits (only small quantities), raw, wet, and dry foods.

All those foods contain protein, vitamins, calories, fibers, and everything necessary to make your Frenchies healthy. You have to make their diet diverse but in moderation.

Expect to Train & Have Fun. 

Expect to potty-train them because it is significant. Without my explanations, you know what would happen if they were not potty trained. So, first, learn how to potty train your Frenchies, then teach them with patience and love. 

For extra training, I suggest you understand how to train SIT, STAY, and LIE DOWN commands. Additional training will allow you to be with your Frenchies and discover them more. They love being and spending time with you. Lovable and enjoyable training will empower your relations.

Expect to Enjoy a Lot.

  • Watching them playing.

If you get a Frenchie, anticipate to enjoy watching them playing with other pets, toys, and with you. They cherish playing because it’s innate to enjoy the time, empower health and create trusted social relationships. 

  • Playing some funny games

Playing games like “Hide & Seek” is a friendly, lovely, and well-known game. Just hide somewhere and call your Frenchie for eating and let him search for you. You can train your Frenchie to stay. After mastering the command, name your Frenchie to come. After he barely finds you, treat and praise him. It’s an excellent pattern of having pleasure and train simultaneously.

  • Walking outside, But!

Walking outside the neighbor and to the dog park, but protect yourself from the pandemic! A short walk is better for Frenchies. They won’t get tired and proper for their health. You will enjoy watching your Frenchie walking around, sniffing, jogging, and following you eagerly.

Playful And Joyful Frenchies!

I like to get a French bulldog like the one who was hitting the ball with his head higher and higher like a football player. Some Frenchie puppies are really innocent and adorable while playing together. Other Frenchies are really crazy, and you always wonder what is going on in their little dummy brain.

Frenchie likes playing, enjoying their time, representing their existence, eating, sleeping, and expressing their sexual desire like the one you saw (2:02) in the bedroom! Don’t you think so!? They are also loyal, and curious to discover new and weird things.


After you get a French Bulldog, you need to learn many things about them. Look for a reputable breeder. Then you can expect to pay for their food, insurance, veterinarian. You can also train them and have fun with them.