French Bulldog Merle

Do you love French Bulldog Merle and want to breed one?

The Merle French Bulldog has a distinctive and unique appearance, and there is a lot to talk about. Their colors are very charming and appealing, such as gray, beige, white, and black.

They have struck me because of their spotted coat appearance and blue eyes.

Stay with me, and I will accompany you and show you interesting things about the French Bulldog Merle. And you will learn more about the Merle Frenchie and why they are so popular.

French Bulldog Merle

We saw and read in previously Blogs about the regular French Bulldog. This one is a bit different; Merle has a distinct gene that gives her stunning blue eyes.

Would you love to have that gene! Cause you will have blue eyes! You may already own blue eyes! Lucky you! 🙂 

The Merle Frenchie is one of the most defining characteristics of dogs.

Merle has a distinctive and unusual appearance, but it is not without controversy. Besides, Merle’s colors are attractive and unique.


Merles are well recognized for their distinctive markings. Genetic expression causes the markings of the M-locus gene. And by this, French Bulldog Merle will have skin pigmentation and change their eye color. 

The M-locus gene is present in their bodies. This gene produces random pigment dilution.

Because of low melanin levels, certain French Bulldog Merle may have blue eyes. If a dog’s body lacks an adequate amount of this amino acid, they are more likely to develop blue eyes.

Merle is a genetic disorder that results in distinctive and various patterns on a dog’s coat.

This gene causes a variety of phenotypes, which can be solid. While it affects a dog’s coat, it can also result in heterochromia Iridum.

Phenotypes are the organism’s observable physical characteristics, such as behavior, appearance, and development.

Heterochromia Iridis distinguished by iris (the colorful component of the eye) color changes. And it can occur between the eyes or in one eye.


The French Bulldog Merle is substantially more expensive because it is super beautiful. These dogs range in price from $6,000 to $8,000, and some are $12,000 or might be higher.

In addition to the purchasing price, Frenchie is high-priced to maintain and take care of. 

Also, Frenchies have a ravenous appetite. And according to their genetic makeup, they require frequent veterinary visits.


As if you decide to purchase one, it has much price to afford. However, the French Bulldog Merle is a peaceful and affectionate friend. So, it is really worth it!

They will be an excellent family of yours. And adapt well to both small and big living environments.

The main reason why Merle Frenchies are so expensive? It’s because they are rare and hard to get. 

Actually, this expensive and rare thing reminded me of a quote I always put between my eyebrow. Which is, “Honesty is rare and expensive, don’t expect it from cheap people.” If you are honest, then you are rare and expensive.


Adopting a French Bulldog Merle from a dog shelter is cheaper than purchasing one.

You may generally find a breeder by conducting a fast web search. This, however, does not necessarily imply that the breeders are trustworthy.

To guarantee you’re buying from a trustworthy breeder, always request a DNA test and a short vet inspection.

Pure Breeding

French Bulldog Merle is not purebred because multiple dog breeds are occasionally required to generate them. And to be purebred, the dog must have two parents of the same kind.

Merle coat coloring is not seen in purebred French Bulldogs and is not a recognized French Bulldog color variant.

The French Bulldog Merle was created for owners who wanted a Frenchie with glitz and the potential for a spectacular presentation.

The Merle coat color is the most common and distinctive. And the black spots on the puppies’ coats persist, giving them the Merle appearance.

Their fur can have various markings, but the most prevalent are dark brown or black. And their foremost colors are white, cream, or fawn.

Care & Diet

French Bulldog Merle is like any other bulldog, demands your love, care, presence, and assistance. Consider providing a healthy diet, daily exercise, and maintenance. In return, you will get their love, interest, and they will be calm.  

To reach peak health, French Bulldog Merle requires a nutritious diet rich, and organically grown products.

Merle Frenchie’s portions must also be monitored to avoid obesity. On the one hand, adult dogs need to eat 2 to 2.5 cups of dry dog food per day. On the other hand, puppies demand 1 to 1.5 cups.

Setting a proper diet is one of the best strategies to grow a healthy dog. 


Their hair does not fall out much. You will have to frequently brush it. Because it can reduce hair loss and keep it clean.

It’s also critical to maintain their flaking skin and ears clear to prevent infection. You may accomplish this by wiping the area with a clean, damp towel before completely drying it.


I will start with: You must! Feed your Merle French Bulldog.

You will say, “of course, I will feed my Frenchie! Then I will reply, if you forget, your Frenchie will eat your delicious dry toes if not fed! (≧∇≦).”

The majority of French Bulldog Merle can consume a variety of meals.

However, because they don’t exercise much, it’s crucial to keep their food under control.

If you find them gaining weight, restrict their food intake or switch to a low-ingredient diet.

And, of course, the best thing to do is to consult a veterinarian. And to check that your Frenchie is eating accurately and keeping a healthy weight.


The Merle has comparable longevity to other French Bulldogs.

If you take good care of your French Bulldog Merle, she can be alive for 14 Years.

Is it ethical to buy a French Bulldog Merle?

This is a serious affair to study and look for wisely.

I will study this case with you from three different perspectives.

Purebred Perspective

We know that Merle dogs are not purebred. As a consequence, they can suffer from various health issues, including ocular anomalies and structural deformities. Plus, blindness, deafness, and higher rates of death. As it is not accepted by the AKC.

Adopting Perspective

Adopting a French Bulldog Merle ensures that it will not finish in merely shelter. And, as we all know, there are already far too many puppies without homes. And by adopting, you will save a pet whose life may depend on you, dear reader.

Purchasing Perspective

Pets that live in Shelters need your lovely and affectionate home. Reputable breeders are working hard to produce healthy Frenchies for you to purchase. And the decision of purchasing a French Bulldog Merle is totally up to you to decide.

To summarize, it is up to you to decide if you really want to purchase or adopt one or not. For me, I will choose not to. Because French Bulldog Merle is not purebred, he could suffer from painful health issues. So, it’s better not to purchase so as not to encourage breeders to crossbreed them. And if it comes to adoption or purchase, I will choose to adopt. But I will only adopt non-crossbreed pets.


The French Bulldog Merle is a rare doggy. If you have ever seen or possess one of these adorable and lovely pets, then you must take extra care of them. 

Their appearance is pretty appealing, and they are gorgeous as they are! Merle dogs are impressive and unique. A couple of people own this dog because it is rare and expensive. 

Dear reader, I’d love to know whether you have a Merle French bulldog or not? What’s your opinion about what I said? And do you want to adopt, or never will? Do you wanna purchase the Merle? The choice is yours! (°°).