French Bulldog Mini

Are you thinking of parenting a new French bulldog Mini to your beloved family? 

Many families today are interested in French bulldogs since they are ideal for a family living in houses.

However, the Mini Frenchie is not a recognized breed. And there are various things you should know before purchasing or adopting one. You already have one! Then this article is also for you to read.

What is a French Bulldog Mini?

A French Bulldog Mini is a smaller version of the French Bulldog. They are gentle, calm, and family-friendly.

The difference between the ordinary French Bulldog and the French Bulldog Mini is that the Mini is smaller! While the ordinary is bigger.

You will immediately recognize the Mini Frenchie . These dogs are well-known, and we can acknowledge them as good dog breeds. Unfortunately, it can be full of diseases.

Mini French Bulldog Cost

You can purchase a Mini French Bulldog for $1K$2K, or even more. They are available in many online stores. As you will buy them fast.

Before considering buying one, let me tell you this, they may die quickly due to diseases.


A Mini French bulldog can live for 16 years with the proper breeding, good care, and a healthy diet.

It’s a common misconception that these miniature creatures can’t live for very long. It’s just inaccurate.

Mini French bulldogs may live in the same environment as standard-sized French bulldogs.

Is the French Bulldog Mini Ethically Bred?

It is immoral for breeders to breed the little Frenchie. What are they thinking of when mixing between two different dogs? While they are causing them health issues over and over! The French Bulldog is not a toy!

The Machiavellian theory state that “the end justifies the means.” This means, to earn money, it is okay to mix different dogs, make deadly mistakes, and cause health issues! 

However, the theory should not be correct like that. There are values and principles to which the ends and means must be subject. In short, ends and means must be ethical, but what they do is unethical.

Is French Bulldog Mini AKC Certified?

The AKC does not certify the Mini French Bulldog because they are not original breed and/or not a full-bred dog. 

Even though the Mini Bulldog is a famous breed and gaining fair popularity. Buyers, until the moment, do not stop adopting or purchasing them.

How do Breeders Make the French Bulldog Mini?

From what I learned, they use some methods to create a Mini Frenchie. Like breeding the smallest dogs, cross-breeding, and dwarfism. Breeders must pick puppies by selecting eligible dogs for mating.

The Breeding Method

Breeders breed this kind of Bulldogs with other smaller and weaker dogs (runt). As a result, we will have Mini French Bulldogs. And French Bulldog Mini is a combination of two French Bulldog runts, the tiniest pup in the litter.

Breeders mate between little Frenchies and other runts together to breed them. And they wish and hope that the Miniature will bear. If not, the Mini will die. But if the Mini Frenchie is born, he will suffer healthily. (That’s what I understand! And that’s totally unfair!)

Cross Breeding Method

Mini French Bulldogs can also be developed by crossing a standard-sized father with a smaller dog breed.

Cross-breeding has been shown to remove health issues inherited from purebred parents. However, you must know your breeder and research the breed’s temperament.

Dwarfism Method

It is a genetic mutation resulting in the French Bulldog growing to be mini and having shorter limbs.

Breeders are locating other Frenchies with the same genetic issue and mating them.

However, because dwarfism is a bone condition, it can cause considerable pain.


You should focus on high-quality food because your Mini is more prone to digestive difficulties.

Furthermore, the better your dog’s food, the healthier he will be. And consider feeding him with water and foods high in high-quality kibble, fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

You’d assume Mini Frenchies don’t eat much. And based on their weight, you should only feed them 1 cup of food daily.

However, you must modify it as you see proper. If your puppy isn’t growing, you should increase its intake. If the Mini is gaining weight, you could reduce the quantity.


The grooming is not a big deal to do. For Mini French Bulldogs, they don’t shed much, as they have short hair.

You can brush him frequently in every bath.

Exercise & Care

The Mini has many health problems, and so you should avoid strenuous activity. Even the normal and healthy French Bulldogs can’t endure exhausting training because of their squashed noise.

You can take the French Bulldog Mini with you on a small walking. Otherwise, it will be satisfied to lounge or play indoors.

To keep your Mini as healthy as possible, you need to visit the vet frequently.

In hot weather, be extra cautious to keep a Mini French Bulldog cool. Also, carefully manage their food intake to avoid becoming overweight.


A Mini Frenchie appearance will differ based on the method utilized to combine and breed it.

Those created by combining a regular Frenchie and another breed may resemble either the regular Frenchie or the other dog breed utilized.

Mini has shorter legs than the average Frenchie as it has a small and light body.

Health Issues

The Mini has uncountable issues, yet I will only mention a bit. For instance, they have Heart Defects and Fluid on the Brain. Also, Bladder, Elbow Dysplasia, and Liver Issues. Plus, Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, Skin-Fold Dermatitis, and Von Willebrand Disease.

If you decide to buy and nurture a Mini French Bulldog, you should ensure pet health to assist and pay the expense.

Whether you adopt, purchase or already have one, note that it will be your responsibility to ensure that he will have the happiest and healthiest life.


French bulldog Mini is an adorable tiny dog. If you desire, search and learn more about them before you get one to your home.

Mini is popular nowadays because of his charming personality. However, be warned that they are frail and can suffer from various health problems.

Breeders use unethical breeding standards and procedures to create a Mini dog with many risks. As they may suffer from numerous health issues and die at a young age.