french bulldog

The French bulldog cost can be between $750 and $4000. And depending on the Frenchie species, supply and demand, also seller’s reputation. Rare French Bulldog species can reach $10,000 to $16,000. Can you imagine that! I could buy a house with that amount! Wear your wingsuit, and let us jump to see how much Frenchies are cost and why.

Why are French Bulldogs very costly?

The Frenchies are pricey because of their rarity and variety. The breed also is a crucial reason, and down, you will see many Frenchie breeds.

Also, you can calculate the costs of care, vet expenses, nutrition, housing, and grooming. The price also can be high because of other reasons, such as; efforts, spending time, and their net profit.

Another reason French bulldog cost is the Artificial Insemination and C-sections expense of breeding. The two procedures can cost between $300–$2000. Artificial Insemination is $300–$1000 and C-sections $500–$2000, both required for Frenchies to reproduce.

Before we see how much Frenchie species cost, I know you will look for an important question.

Why Do Dog Breeds Require Artificial Insemination and C-sections?

Due to the way they were produced, French bulldogs are unable to breed naturally.

On the one hand, the female has a tiny hip which is hard for French bulldogs to mate naturally. On the other hand, the male Frenchie is unable to ascend or mount the female accurately. That’s why there must be Artificial insemination and c-sections to reproduce.

I also read it is because they have a big head! What! Why!? A heavy head and weak legs make the mate hard.

How Much Does French Bulldog Cost?

Release your parachute and observe the nature prices of the French Bulldogs. And I will show you the least and the highest Frenchie costs based on my research.

Fawn & White$3000–$5000
White & Fawn$3500–$5000
White & Fawn$3500–$5000
Fawn Brindle & White$4500–$5000
Tiger Brindle$5,000–$9000
Fawn $4,000–$10,000
Blue fawn$4,000–$10,00
Platinum $8000–$10,000
Fluffy $12,000–$16,000
French Bulldog Cost table list


We saw many factors that made the French bulldog cost a lot. Also, not to mention how cute, friendly, peaceful, and enjoyable they are. These are performing significant reasons of being so popular and expensive breed.

I hope you landed safely! What do you think about the 2021 French bulldog breed prices! Can you buy Fluffy worth $16k? Pretty expensive! I heard a rumor said there was a French bulldog sold for around $100K, shocking!