royal canin french bulldog

Can you guess which is better, Royal Canin French Bulldog or Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains?

I compared the two products from 3 different analytics. And I revealed to you many crucial distinctions between them.

The three comparisons based on their information. 

  1. Guaranteed Analysis.
  2. Offer & Price.
  3. Ingredient Analysis & Nutrition Values.

I like to tell you my honest opinion about them. But first, let’s review the products and see the differentiation and which one is better for your dog or French bulldog.

1. Royal Canin French Bulldog & Taste of The Wild Ancient Grains Guaranteed Analysis

Royal Canin French Bulldog Versus Taste of The Wild

Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains seems to have a higher protein percentage. And that’s 8% of protein can add extra healthy muscle. And the more protein, the healthier the French Bulldog.

For Fats, its 2% added provides extra energy. The fiber is 0.3% of the difference, which is not much higher, but it is still crucial. Fibers can help to ease digestion for French Bulldogs.

The Royal Canin French Bulldog and Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains are equal in moisture. Moisture food can hydrate, and it is easy for Frenchies to digest.

Those distinctions percentages are crucial, especially when it comes to the price. Also, I assume you like the high-quality food with less cost.

2. Offer & Price Comparison

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What Does it Offer

  • 17 Pound (Pack of 1)
  • No Grain Free Options
  • Adult Breeds only
  • $60.44 ($3.56 / lb)

What Does it Offer

  • 28 Pound (Pack of 1)
  • Extra Grain Free Options
  • Grain Free Puppies Flavor
  • With Ancient Grains Flavor
  • All Breed Sizes
  • $51.99 ($1.86/lb)

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You can see the difference between their offers and price. It’s entirely noticeable.

The 17 pounds cost $60.44 compared to 28 pounds cost $51.99. It is a huge distinction for the Taste of the wild Ancient Grains.

Taste of the wild also offers extra flavors, while Royal Canin French Bulldog food doesn’t.

For Breeds, Royal Canin French Bulldog is only for adults. To feed puppies, you must buy Royal Canin French Bulldog puppy food. However, Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains is for all breed sizes.

And there is another critical difference we need to compare.

3. Most Important Ingredient Analysis & Nutrition Values

Royal Canin French Bulldog Food

Pork contains thiamine or Vitamin B1. It helps carbohydrate metabolism and brain, muscles, and heart functions. Pork also possesses amino acids that support the immune system. And it’s good to provide the body with energy and help digest.

Chicken Fat provides your Frenchies with energy and supports their coat, immune system, and skin to be healthy.

Chicken by-product meal contains protein, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Beet Pulp includes fibers and is an excellent source of energy.

Brewers Rice contains carbohydrates, calcium, iron, protein, and Vitamin B6 – it is also easy to digest.

Wheat is healthy for dogs and consists of a high source of protein and energy.

Wheat Gluten contains high protein and low-fat saturated fat as it has amino acids. Wheat Gluten can be healthy. But some experts said Gluten is poisonous for dogs. While others said that they used Wheat Gluten as a filler in the product, and it’s not harmful.

Fish Oil can support the heart, coat, skin, and immune system. Fish Oil can also prevent some diseases.

Vegetable Oil can soften dry food.

Taste of The Wild Ancient Grains

Increased Pork quantities can cause gastrointestinal. But it is added in a low amount. Don’t worry about that! It contains Vitamin B1 and amino acids. Also, it is a good protein source.

Beef contains a high quantity of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison contain protein, omega 6, and 3 fatty acids to make skin and coat healthy.

Water Buffalo is healthier for Frenchies and dogs. It contains B vitamins and protein. Besides, it has less fat and cholesterol.

Chicken meal includes energy, Omega 6 fatty acids, and amino acids.

Millets Grain contains carbohydrates, B vitamins, and iron. It also has Phosphorus that supports bones health.

Barley Grain is rich in protein, fiber. And it’s low in cholesterol.

Quinoa Grain supports dog coats, teeth, and bones. And help support metabolism and good sources of energy. 

Sorghum Grain is rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, fiber, and B1, B2 vitamins. Sorghum is healthy.

Flaxseed helps relieve arthritis symptoms which is an excellent nutrient for French Bulldogs. It also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Chia Seeds contain Protein, Fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids. And it assists your Frenchies to maintain s good and healthy weight.

Tomato Pomace can support digestion and reduce inflammation. It consists of some vitamins and minerals.

Dried Yeast is a high source of protein and other nutrients. For dogs, eating Yeast is poisonous. And since it is harmful, I am not sure why they included it!

Salmon Oil is healthy for Frenchies. It can support the heart to be healthy and improve the immune system, skin, and coat.

4. Overall Compare

Royal Canin French Bulldog

🐾 High Price

🐾 A few Ingredients & Nutrition Values

🐾 No Additional Grain-Free Options

🐾 Low Proteins, Fat, & Fiber Percentage

🐾 Suitable For Adults Breeds

🐾 3,844 Kilocalories

Taste of The Wild Ancient Grains

🐾 Low Price

🐾 Diverse Ingredients & Nutrition Values

🐾 3 Additional Grains-Free Options

🐾 High Proteins, Fat, & Fiber Percentage

🐾 Suitable For All Breed Sizes

🐾 3,920 Kilocalories


Based on my comparisons, Taste of The Wild Ancient Grains is better than Royal Canin French Bulldog Food. It has higher calories and proteins. It also consists of various crucial nutrients. Taste of the Wild is a high-quality food that comes at a low cost. It also offers three optional grain-free flavors.

Royal Canin French Bulldog food is good. But compared to the other one, it has a higher price with fewer nutrients and proteins.

My honest opinion to you, I don’t want you to stop buying the Royal Canin and purchase only Taste of the Wild. But both are good and each one with its unique characteristics.

You have to save your money and buy such products quarterly. Because feeding your Frenchie or dog only with such products can hurt him. Instead, think about diversifying and low-cost foods that provide high quality with moderation, of course. Such as homemade dog foods!