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Do you love Fluffy French Bulldog? You might be interested to know what secrets I am hiding in this article. Information will enlighten you to know Fluffy Frenchie better and help you solve their problem. You will discover his lovely personality.

1. The Precious Fluffy French Bulldog Overview

Fluffy French Bulldog

The Fluffy French Bulldog, as you see, has short hair. It is also a hybrid. Fluffy French Bulldog is the result of mixing between two dog breeds. French Bulldog and Pekingese or Chihuahuas long-haired.

The Fluffy Frenchie is really a charming breed – it amazed me when I first saw it. 

They are very distinctive pets! Their hair is wavy and medium – and better than the ordinary short and thick Frenchie coat. But without bias, the regular French Bulldog is also attractive in many ways!

You know that their names are “Fluffy French Bulldog” and “Long-haired French Bulldog.” 

I want to take this valuable chance with you and say that this Fluffy impressed me! Again! You can’t simply believe that it is possible to mate between two different dogs and have a new lovely kind.

But, sadly, due to such procedures, Fluffy French Bulldogs were born with many diseases. 

(I wrote the following paragraph, and I’m uncertain and hesitated if I should delete it or not! Let me know whether you like it or not.) To successfully hybrid a dog, we should have the same animal kind. For example, we can mate dogs with different dog species. However, not dogs with cats or eagles!. Because the equation won’t have a solution!. It is impossible to mix between cats and dogs. We would have unimaginable or mythical creatures! Even the Centaurs, Griffins, and Werewolves!. 

Read this Article for more information about hybrid.

2. Is The Fluffy French Bulldog Purebred?

Yes! They are purebred. Expert breeders said that Fluffy Frenchies are purebred and created naturally. But they are not entered at AKC.

Fluffy French Bulldogs merged between French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas (Long-Haired) naturally. Hence, their hair is lengthy and purebred.

3. Appearance Discuss

The Fluffy French Bulldog does not differ much from regular and popular Frenchie.

The only distinction is that the hair is longer than the ordinary French Bulldog.

These dogs have long hair around the chest, neck, and ears. 

Their head is rather big and square. Their eyes are generally black. However, the eyes are brighter if the dog is lighter.

Their silky coat has distinctive colors like brindle, fawn, white, and blue. These colors make them quite popular and adorable.

They will look gentles and luxurious with the glasses, pendant, and clothes.

4. Fluffy Frenchie Personality

They have a gentle character and dislike being alone. Fluffy Frenchies prefer to be close to you. So, try not to leave them alone long time – you always need to be close to them.

They are, therefore, inclined to separation fears. If you take a long time outside, you won’t make a good relation with your pets.

These fluffy pet dogs are rarely barky and not especially loud. For this reason, they won’t bother neighbors if you are late. No one will hear them, but the problem is that they will have problems afterward.

They love their owners (who will give them time and stick to them) and get along with almost anyone.

5. Training Durability

I talked much about training Frenchies in detail. And I want you seriously to take training and discipline for the Fluffy French Bulldogs.

I also advise you to train the puppies. Socializing your pet generally is crucial training. Walking with your Frenchie outside will make him feel safe and familiar with people.

These dogs are kind to people; therefore, training can be easy. They have an average intellect about dogs.

Don’t expect to train them fast; they require time. However, Fluffy French Bulldogs are usually smart enough to learn most commands.

They can be a little obstinate but subsequently good companion dogs.

Typically, short walks are what you need. If you like to run with your dog, I don’t recommend having this species. Because they don’t have good stamina. Instead, I encourage you to adopt Dalmatian – this dog is a great runner.

Strict activity may lead to heavy breathing, which you should avoid due to his flat face. They really have breathing difficulties.

Nowadays, animals in general and dogs in specific are getting clever. In particular, they learn from watching us and are trained as well.

They have been learning and adapting our actions and behaviors. Hence, they transfer their smart genes to their following generation. One day for sure, they will become even evolved. And no one will know what will happen in the future!

6. How to Fight Frenchie Overweight?

Doing some light exercise will keep these dogs healthy.

Being overweight may seriously affect their health and cause numerous difficulties.

Obesity may tire these dogs rapidly, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Fluffy French Bulldogs adores playing and running. They can even be agile or rallying.

Fluffy Frenchie enjoys food, new abilities, and tricks. Physical activities can improve health and well-being.

To solve the obesity issue, you just have to reduce their foods to two meals a day. And to decrease the amount of food they eat. And avoid feeding him much sugar and fruits. You also need to nourish them with vegetables that are low in calories. And walk with your Frenchie outside for 30 minutes daily.

7. Temperature Is Harsh

Fluffy French Bulldogs generally cannot control their temperature adequately due to breathing.

Usually, their long fur isn’t enough to protect them against cold temperatures. While in the summer, they can get hot.

The hot and cold weather is very challenging. So it is better to maintain temperature during these climates.

You should keep your Fluffy French Bulldog much time indoors. Also, provide air conditioning access.

8. Is Grooming Necessary or Not?

Fluffy Frenchie is taking a bath!

You might want to comb their hair once a month. It’s not very long hair.

Humidity may settle and cause bacterial infections. To prevent this problem, you should clean them every day. And keep the creases dry to minimize moisture accumulation.

Fluffy Frenchie will need an occasional bath only if they are dirt. That is because they must maintain their skin oils fresh. So washing them will dry the natural oils.

They do not need regular bathing since they can protect their skin with natural oils.

Regular brushing maintains the natural oils on the skin, which keeps them healthy and glossy. Again, bath them only if a stench, roll in the mud.

9. Adopting a Fluffy Frenchie

It is very challenging to adopt a Fluffy French Bulldog. They are rare, and even if you find one, it’s costly – but mostly, for sale, not for adoption.

You may expect that these puppies cost between $20,000 up to $250k. And to buy one of these pets, well, you should be Mark Zuckerberg himself. 

However, you don’t have to be Zuckerberg to buy one. You will afford to buy a fluffy Frenchie! Because there is a chance that their cost might decrease in the future.

Yet, their price is costless compared to the Golden-Haired Tibetan Mastiff Dog that sold estimated about $1.5 million!.

10. Is Fluffy Frenchie Perfect For Beginners?

Yeah! Read these six reasons I wrote for you, dear reader.

  • First: They don’t need considerable attention and are socializing pets. But their training requires some time to adapt.
  • Second: You needn’t be a dog specialist or anything like that. And you just have to be gentle and aware of his needs. After all, why do veterinarians exist! To serve and solve your dog’s problem.
  • Third: They are weak to climate change. In hot and cold weather, avoid getting too hot and cold.
  • Fourth: You have to clean and dry their wrinkles. And wash them only when they are unclean.
  • Fifth: They are susceptible to drowning and need additional water supervision.
  • Sixth: Fluffy Frenchies are also susceptible to separation anxiety, which requires you to be always with them.

I strongly advise you to spend sufficient time caring for these pets. They are not a race that cares primarily for themselves, but they need much attention and care.

If you had a dog before, this level of attentiveness is easier to perceive. 

And, last but not least, they are very expensive, at the time of writing this article. If you bought a Fluffy Frenchie and had him in your house, please share with us one of his pictures so we could feel and share with you the feeling of having one for real! 

Dear Reader! Meet A Cute Blue Fluffy French Bulldog!

He is so lovely, friendly, adventurer, and active, isn’t it!. He will follow you everywhere!


The Fluffy French Bulldog or Long-haired Frenchies have cute personalities, and you have to train them patiently. Be always with them. And avoid high and cold temperatures, and shower them once a month.

The 10 precious things you saw about Fluffy Frenchie are the following. Fluffy French Bulldog has a unique personalityappearance, special purebredperfect for beginnerseasy to wash and train. They are also absolutely social pets and rare to adopt – which is special. Besides, they will stick to you like a shadow and require your tenderness

So, isn’t the Fluffy French bulldog such a special dog?