The Precious Fluffy French Bulldog

Fluffy French Bulldog

The Fluffy French Bulldog is a long-haired, charmed, and considered to be hybrid.

The Fluffy Frenchie is one of the breeds which has stormed the internet over the last years.

They are very distinctive dogs since their hair is wavy and medium rather than the ordinary short and thick Frenchie coat.

And they are called “Fluffy French Bulldog” and “Long-haired French Bulldog.” 

This dog’s origins confound both the owners and the breeders of animals since two opposing tales explain their origins.

I want to take this valuable chance with you and say that this phenomenon impressed me! Magnificent! You can’t simply believe that it is possible to mate between two species and have a new kind. 

But it is possible, as science proved it. And we have the proof. 

However, it should be from the same kind of animal (we can mate dogs with different dog species, but not dogs with cats! Because the equation won’t have a solution!). 

If it is possible to mate between cats and dogs, we would have unimaginable or mythical creatures! Even the centaurs, Griffins, and werewolves! 

Read this Article for more information about hybrid.

Is The Fluffy French Bulldog Purebred?

Yes! they are purebred.

Renowned breeders know that the Bulldogs did not have the long hair gene but that they may have painted with local ratter dogs who produced their long hair “naturally” over time.

These purplish pups may come with a heritage of the ratter dog; hence their hair is lengthy.


The Fluffy French Bulldog does not differ in look very much from others.

The only distinction is that the hair is somewhat longer than the ordinary French Bulldog.

These dogs are usually more fluffy around the chest, neck, and ears. 

These canines are similar to other Frenchies in addition to a somewhat longer than average hair.

These dogs strongly oscillate, robust, and extremely compact according to the AKC standard.

Their head is rather big and square. The eyes are generally black. However, the eyes are brighter if the dog is lighter.

The Frenchies are fluffy and lovely straight-up. Their silky cover a large selection of distinctive colors and make them quite popular.

Frenchie Personality

These dogs have been bred in the previous two hundred years as companion animals and are human-lover.

They prefer to keep in close contact with you. Try not to get far away for lengthy periods and left them alone.

They are therefore inclined to separation fears. People who are away from the house for a long time don’t make appropriate animals.

These dogs are rarely barky and not especially loud. For this reason, they don’t make good warning dogs.

They love their owners and get along with almost anyone. 


I want you seriously to take training and discipline for the Fluffy French Bulldogs.

I also advise you to train the puppies. As this socializing generally readily fulfills this demand.

These dogs are kind to people; therefore, you may teach them quite easily. They have an average intellect about dogs.

Don’t expect them to train, although they’re usually smart enough to learn most instructions.

They can be a little obstinate because they haven’t been raised to work with people.

Initially, they were raised as self-employed dogs and subsequently became companion dogs.

Typically, short walks are what you need (if you are a runner, I don’t recommend you to adopt this kind of dog. Instead, I encourage you to adopt Dalmatian, this dog is a great runner).

Strict activity may lead to heavy breathing, which you should avoid due to his flat face.

Nowadays, animals in general and dogs in specific are getting clever and smarter. 

In particular, if we train the Fluffy Frenchie correctly, and also they learn from watching us.

They learn day over day and transfer their ingenious genes to their following generation. One day for sure, they will become even smarter. 

And no one will know what will happen in the future! 


Exercise goes a long way to keep these dogs healthy. 

Overweight may seriously affect their health and cause numerous difficulties, especially they are not the healthiest canines.

Obesity may tire these dogs rapidly, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Fluffy French Bulldog adores playing and running. He can even be agile or rallying.

Fluffy Frenchie enjoys food, new abilities, and tricks. Physical activities can improve health and well-being.


Fluffy French Bulldogs generally cannot control their temperature adequately due to their impaired respiratory mechanism.

Usually, their fur isn’t long enough in cold temperatures to keep them warm.

In the winter, they can get chilly but also tend to hot and exhausted in the summer.

The wet weather for these creatures might be very challenging.

You should keep your Fluffy French Bulldog much time indoors and provide air conditioning access. 


Tanking these dogs, despite the longer than average hair, is pretty straightforward.

Their hair doesn’t become long enough, so you don’t usually have to bother about combing them very often. It’s not very long. It generally suffices once a week.

Humidity may settle and induce bacterial infections in these creases.

To prevent this problem, you should clean them every day.

Keep the creases dry for your Fluffy Frenchie to minimize moisture accumulation.

If these canine are filthy, they may need an occasional bath.

They do not need regular bathing since they can decrease their skin with natural, protecting oils.

Regular brushing maintains the natural oils on the cover, which keeps them healthy and glossy.

Bath them only if a stench, roll in the mud, or something like this has formed.

Adopting a Fluffy Frenchie

Often they must be deliberately produced because of the rarity and recession of the long-haired feature.

Often, a lot of breeds are necessary before puppies end in lengthy hair.

Even so, in most cases, not every puppy in a litter has long hair.

That is why these dogs frequently cost a lot.

While French bulldogs with long hair were once seen as unwanted, popularity has grown.

Because of their rareness, you may be on the waiting list a little before you get the puppy.

You may expect that these puppies costs between 20k up to 250k and it may drop in the future. (Well, you should be the Mark Zuckerberg to purchase these dogs!)

(Yet, their price is cheap compared to the Golden-Haired Tibetan Mastiff Dog that sold to an estimate of $1.5 million!)

Is Fluffy Frenchie perfect for beginners?

Yes, but I recommend the Fluffy French Bulldog only for experienced dog owners for six reasons.

  • First, they don’t need considerable attention, and they don’t have specific problems training or socializing.
  • Second, you needn’t be a dog specialist or anything like that. 
  • Third, they have several specific health concerns, though, which might cause complications. In warmer weather, they need cautious control to avoid getting too hot and heat depletion.
  • Fourth, you have to clean and dry their wrinkles and require a few particular treatment demands that are vital. 
  • Fifth, they are susceptible to drowning and need additional water supervision.
  • Sixth, they are also susceptible to separation anxiety, which requires some exercise.

I strongly advise you to spend sufficient time caring for these pets.

They are not a race that cares primarily for themselves, but they need much attention and care.

If you had a dog before, this level of attentiveness is easier to perceive. 

Dear reader meet the blue fluffy French Bulldog!

He is so cute, friendly, adventurer, and active, isn’t it!. He will follow you everywhere!

To Conclude

By now, you know that the Fluffy French Bulldog is purebred. Long-haired Frienchies have cute personality, and you have to train them in early age. Avoid high temperature, and shower them at least twice a month.

So, isn’t the Fluffy French bulldog such a special dog? You have a question! Feel free to comment below!

If you are interested to see more adorable photographs about lovely Fluffy French Bulldogs “@fluffy_frenchbulldogs”. “So CutešŸ’“!”