Bearded Dragons?

How much are bearded dragons in AUS $? and are they fairly easy to bread in captivity?

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dog is afraid of other dogs?

whenever i take my 2 year old mix to a dog park she always tends to stay away from the other dogs or near me. i want her to have fun and go play with the other dogs but is so scared she wont even move. she did not have that much interaction with other dogs when she was a puppy but i have been taking her to the dog park more often. what should i do to make her less afraid?

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How Do I Develope My Spritual Gifts?

Ive been going to Church on my own for about a year now. The first church i joined was a C.O.G.I.C church..Church Of God In Christ. My Pastor is a prophetess and i often see her delivering instructions and messages to people from God. She spoke to me one sunday and told me that i have the gift of Prophesy and Descernment….How do i go about sharpening these gifts t help build the Kingdom.

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Rescuing dogs with health issues?

What’s your opinion on this ? Should you rescue a dog with severe health issues …..OR since so many dogs are being killed daily should you just get a dog in good health and let the ones with issues take the bullet ??
Whatever your opinion there is no judgment involved over here .
It’s your god given right to adopt .breed,cat juggle or whatever ..i’m just curious ..I’ve seen very messed up dogs rescued before and thought …"ugh i wouldn’t have done that "… like spend 3000$ on a dog i just got..or stay up all night for months bottle feeding a dog that would never be right and have health issues for it’s entire life .. like i said .. no judgment .. just curious .

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disc problem in dogs and vitamin c?

my bichon had a herniated disc and is on cage rest and a steroid. I want to know if anyone has ever heard of vitamin c helping this problem? I don’t want it to be cronic he lost use of his back legs for about 20 min. and would like to know what the chances are of complete recovery.

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Which is a Beter guard/watch dog?

Greater swiss mountain dog
giant schnauzer
german wirehaird pointer
staffoshire bull terrier?

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Pet Food Recall- Dry Food?

Today I heard on the Radio that PETA is trying to pass a Bill that would extend the Wet food Recall to include DRY food Eukanuba. My Question is THIS: How can I prove that Eukanuba has made my dog sick and get someone to pay for the K I have spent in vet bills over the last 3 months?? What is the process? Do you need the food tested? Do you just need a Bill… does anyone know of a Website with Information that would help guide me in what to do next??


I have a 7lb Miniature Doberman. I switched his food over to Eukanuba Maintenance *DRY FOOD* about 3 months ago. Ever since then he has 6 bouts with Bloody stools, vomiting, and lack of appetite. Each time I take him to the Emergency Animal Hospital and they give him an IV and send him home after two days or so with a anti-diarrhea medicine and Flygol which is a Antibiotic. Blood work has been done twice and all test come back Normal- so the Vet passes it off as a “sensitive intentional tract” and since then I have switched his food over to EN (something from Vet).
The Question was asked "if it started with the new food why would you have not changed in the first place "

Answer: I listed to the Vet Everything/Anything that might have cause his sickness and THREE Vets have told me "No its not his food." So why change it when a VET tells you that?! Don’t you think I would have changed it if they told me it MAY have been his food?!

Also- PETA is trying to pass a Law TODAY in DC saying that Dry food should be included in the Recall list & many people say that their dogs have been sick after eating this type of food!

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The "top 10" most "dangerous" dog breeds?

My father sent me a link because huskies are #4 on the list.. I am shocked to be honest, I just dont see it. Honestly, I dont for a lot of the list… I just though I would share and discuss. Maybe someone can shed a little light on why? None of the lists really say "why" the dogs are "dangerous" but list them as such.

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Is commercial dog food bad for dogs?

I have heard that commercial dog food is really bad for dogs because they are full of chemicals and I have also heard that there are dead animals in there … (gross) Is this really true? I feed my dog Kibble N’ Bits and I have recently switched to feeding him rice mixed with vegetables and wet canned dog food. Which is a better choice?

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How to groom a dog???

I’m thinking of getting a bichon frise. And I was planning on keeping it in a puppy cut. Then I thought to myself, why pay a lot of money and take my dog to a groomer when i can do it myself? So I did some research on how to give a bichon frise a puppy cut. People said you need all this professional equipment, grooming table, and a special dryer. Do I really need all of this? Can’t I just do it on the floor, use a regular blow dryer, and use regular dog clippers?

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